Need advice for skin irritations with retracted innie stoma

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The forum discussion is about individuals sharing their experiences and suggestions for managing skin irritations and leaks caused by colostomy equipment.


Hi - I'm fairly new with a colostomy innie stoma that is so retracted it looks like a pimple now in between my belly rolls. I'm having major issues with skin irritations, sores/blisters because the output goes on my skin regardless of my deep convex wafer. I have tried rings, protection sheets, cutting ring size smaller and nothing. Any suggestions from your own methods?

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How often do you change your equipment? Maybe changing more often could help your skin by trying to keep it cleaned off more. ‍

The Cycle of Unhealthy Skin | Hollister Incorporated

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Right now, twice a week per home care services. Tuesdays and Fridays. At first, they wanted me to do it once a week, but it's not feasible.


I started off with a Coloplast but it was not convex. Now I'm using a Hollister two-piece system. I ordered some samples recently and I'm going to try different things. So, are you changing three times a week?

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Changing your equipment isn't a set-in-stone type thing. They may want you to change once a week, twice a week, or whatever. IMO, your body and your issues should dictate how often you change your equipment, not some home care person. The main goal should be no leaks and keeping your skin in good health. If that means changing more often, I would start there. Good luck.

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Thank you so much.

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You're welcome.


Hi all.. I'm not new to having a colostomy but I am new to having an end colostomy. I had a loop for 7 years but started getting hernias, 2 within 3 months half a grapefruit size but I'm thinking the 1st doctor didn't correct it, but anyway, my now new end colostomy dips in very hard to get any barriers or just the flange to stick to my skin it's up higher which makes it a little harder to see trying to put anything on. I was sometimes changing 3 - 4 times a day because when my stoma would go off it just went right under what I had tried to use. I ordered samples of different barriers flanges I think I have found one that is working, a convex barrier ring (the round one). It is very tacky once it hits your skin it's there. Hope I didn't just jinx myself. I'm only 5 1/2 weeks out from surgery so I'm going to give it a little more time then I will start back irrigating fingers crossed, it works as good as it did before. So, Newostomate2022, there is hope. Keep trying until you get what fits, stoma powder works great at healing your skin.

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What's the brand/model number of what works for you?


Hi there,

Oh, I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I too have been dealing with it. If you have tried everything (pastes, different appliances, etc.), I would go to the doctor and tell him it needs to be revised.



I definitely would, especially with having so many issues with having to change it all the time from leaking.

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89520/ Adpt Cera Ring Convex Barrier Ring, still haven't settled on a flange but this barrier ring sticks great.

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I would not want to have to have another surgery unless there was no choice. It had to be done. I've had 8 surgeries in 9 years, don't want anymore...


I like the Brava "Skin Barrier Wipes". They do a great job of protecting my skin from being compromised by any waste that gets on it.

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