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Rectal drain


Hi folks,  

I had emergency  stoma surgery at the end of June due to a leak in my bowel following resection the previous month which resulted in sepsis.  This was all in response to a cancerous tumour. 

They gave me a rectal drain into the bowel during the stoma surgery which I still have.  It has about 10mls coming out of it every 5 days so they are reluctant to remove it in case fluid pools in my bowel and cause another infection.  Ive recently been hospitalised with a second bout of sepsis and In the past few weeks the drain  has become very painful,  I feel like my body is rejecting it and trying to push it out.  I have constant pain internally and can feel it's presence all the time. It's stopping me from sleeping and I'm tired and cranky all the time.  I'm taking over the counter codeine meds to manage the pain at the moment.  They repositioned the drain  during my last hospital stay and said that there was fibrosis around the top of the drain. The minipulation has made the pain and discomfort worse.  I'm at my wits end.  There is no angle I can secure it that seems to be comfortable and it seems to be pressing on painful spots all the time causing spasms,  shooting nerve pains and a general ache.  I'm unable to walk properly with it in place and I'm worried about my muscle fitness as I'm starting chemo in a few weeks. Sorry for such a long post but I would love to know if anyone has experience of anything similar and might have some advice.  I'm struggling to deal with this. 

Thank you 


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I’m so sorry My situation is not that but I would definitely keep you in prayer

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Thank you 


I am sorry I cannot help but sending loads of love and positive vibes your way. ❤️


My heart goes out to you.


It sounds like what you are going through is terrible!  I'm so sorry.  I'm wondering if your doctors are aware of the level of pain and discomfort you are in, and if they think this is normal or acceptable?  Is there a chance of getting an opinion from another doctor?  I hope things start to improve for you soon.


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I'm happy to say I saw my consultant on Friday and they removed the drain is they felt it was causing more harm than good.  I just have to hope that there isn't another build up or fluid and infection but for the moment I am much more comfortable ☺

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So glad to hear it!

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