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Swimming with Ostomy

I'm rather new at this and would like to know how others handle swimming when you have an ostomy--especially the men?  My wife and I are going on a cruise in about 2 weeks and I am really anxious about swimming.  My colostomy is high on the left (above the beltline).  I normally use Sensura 2-piece.  It has been suggested that I use a short-sleve wetsuit but I think that would be awfully hot in the tropics.  What do you think?
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Hi Bosco
I model swimsuits for a company who make swimwear for people with stomas. I notice you live in America. There will be companies in America I am sure who specialist in this type of swim wear. The company I work for have high waisted mens swimming trunks and you cannot possibly tell the person has an ostomy. Hope this helps.  Enjoy your cruise.
Hi Miss Scarlet, have you got any web adresses of the swim suits.
juzza13 wrote:
Hi Miss Scarlet, have you got any web adresses of the swim suits.

Hi Juzza13
The company I work for are just starting up and will have a catalogue and website soon. I will put up a post when Glitter Beach swimwear's website becomes available. Hope this helps.
Get yourself a bathing suit that comes up higher on waist...put it on and enjoy yourself

Check out      I ordered one for my cruise and really impressed

Loxley, I wear the stealth belts even to sleep in, they are awesome.  I can go buy food or shopping and no one can see anything.  I bought two black ones at 55.00 a piece and worth the price, but will get one of the ones that they were out of material later.  I know some are higher than others, but the black standard do the same thing and look like a purse on your tummy and are the same and so cool, I couldnt make it without them.  Glad to see you found Richard the guy who sells them, you call and tell him to do the black ones for 55.00 he advertizes that.  He is a cool guy and  like him as a salesman.  Have fun on your trip and no one will know you have a bag, just like me, zip it in the silk, Love Jenny                            PS.   Wear the thin white one that snaps to your bag under the stealth belts and you wont have any problems, at least I dont once I figured it out.  Husband helped.
Thanks for the info...talked to Richard and he advised they are about 3 weeks behind schedule and the $55 was a promo. I got mine in time but think they are back up to $75. By the way do you use any sort of stoma protector?Also confirm  the the zipper goes under the belt and the bottom of the flange goes thru the hole . Stoma guard, stoma cap etc....

No stoma protector, just me watching so no one hits me.  I guess it is how you feel about it if you are worried they do sell those products.  I am glad you got the Promo price and I do not feel those are expensive cause that is a lot of work and they are custom made.  I do not dry mine in the dryer and have extra to change in too.  I hang them and I think they will last a long time.  I hope you have good luck and if you feel you need a Stoma Protector you could ask Richard cause he swims with his bag all the time and has freedom what we all want.  God Bless you and Good Luck, JG or Jenny
Does the zipper go on the top or bottom of the belt? Mine fits best on the top but would be easier to drain pouch if on the bottom.
please could you tell me which companies do nice swimwear for us guys, apart from that white rose, i go to turkey in 3 weeks so would love to get some new ones, many thanks
The web address for Glitter Beach swimwear is I think it is now up and running. Hope this is what you are looking for,
Wear one of those sunshrits, like a light rashy but made of swimsuit material, It offers sun protection and hold ya pooper in place.
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