Jeans: A Triumph Over Adversity!

Homie With A Stomie NS

Jeans, yes!!!!

Ok, I have been recouping since March 22nd, just from ileo surgery, and I've been living in PJs or track pants since. Today is chemo treatment day. It's an all-day affair, but it's all good....why, you might ask?

Well, I will share.... The greatest feeling of today: going into my wardrobe, pulling out a couple pairs of jeans that months ago I could just squeeze into. I decided, "What the hell? You didn't lose over 40lbs for nothing (not by choice). Give it a whirl," as they say......

Took a deep breath, slid my legs in, pulled them up, zipped and buttoned them, and bang! They fit, and they even have room for my active pouch. In fact, I could still gain a few pounds for the perfect fit....can't wait!!!!

So, treatment day is going to be okay, as DAMN, I feel greatttt. I feel normal, hell, I even look normal. I'm in jeans, and all is good....It's the simplest things that can set your day. For me, it was looking good and feeling good in a pair of jeans.....

Gang life is what we decide to make it. We are not ugly monsters or different. We are still the same person, if not even a better person than post-surgeries...whether others see us that way is their loss. They are missing out on US...

Watch out world, here me and my jeans come, lol..

Stay strong, and mostly smile on!!

Adapt, conquer, overcome...

Your fellow Homie with a stomie,



Go girl, a new you ..

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Beautiful, Tracy! Rock those jeans!


Atta girl!

Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to Axl

Thanks, handsome.

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Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to eefyjig

Thank you, you rock and better than Jean Day. Gained 5 lbs. Woot woo.

Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to Abefroman1969

Thanks buddy, how are you doing????


You are beautiful, Tracy, inside and out! Rock on, girlfriend! East Coast Strong!


Nothing hotter than a woman could wear than a pair of jeans that are just a little bit loose to show off that butt wiggle.


Take every victory you can get, no matter how small. It is funny how some of the things we took for granted before being ostomized now seem like such big deals. Keep trying on those old clothes you love........rock on sister!!



You rock, Tracy!! Watch out, world!

Earth Angel

Tracy, you are the bomb!!! So happy that putting on your jeans made you so happy!!! It's the little things that mean the most! You look fantastic!

Reply to Homie With A Stomie NS

The ketamine haze is terrible, almost over with that part, stood up, so progress

Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to Abefroman1969

Woot woo can't keep a good man down. Wtg buddy, baby steps lead to teen steps lead to adult steps....

Walk on and get proud of you.


Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to Earth Angel

Thanxs girlfriend, much appreciated. Also, jump on the scale and gained me 5 lbs. Another hell ya, it was a great day.

Coffee with a doughnut, jeans, pounds, and sunshine. Who can ask for anymore....

If I could do a jig, I would. But I did stand on my deck when I got home from chemo and shouted, "I'm the queen of the world!"

Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to TerryLT

Hell yeah, the jeans are just the I come.

Stay strong, smile on.

Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to w30bob

Absolutely handsome Bob absolutely... I got me enough old preosto-fied clothing think I will hold my own personal fashion show


Girl, you gave me the biggest smile today when I read your post. Celebrate those jeans!!! Woohoo!!!

Reply to Homie With A Stomie NS

Good for you. When I was on chemotherapy, it was more like.....

Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to Casper9

Oh, you know it, girl. Even made sure my bum looked good in them.


Congratulations, beautiful!

Okanagan Lady
Reply to eefyjig

That's so great, Tracy!

Nothing like looking good and feeling good!

I love, love that high-waisted jeans are a thing again, and of course with some stretch too, they are super comfortable. The high waist for me means the bag is completely contained with no moving around, and I can wear a more fitted top :-))


Great feel-good, confident-building piece. Thanks for this, Tracy.