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Stealth belt pro


I've noticed a few people on here have vertical stealth belt pros. What made you choose vertical over horizontal. I haven't tried wearing my pouch horizontally yet but a few stoma youtubers wear them thst way with a horizontal stealth belt. Are you happy with the stealth belt you have?

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I have the vertical one. I wear a one piece bag so the vertical is better for that IMO. I deal with pancaking and if I turned the bag sideways, I’m sure it would pancake worse. I’ve seen reviews that some ileostomates don’t like the horizontal ones because your output basically stays right on your stoma if your bag fills up some but I have no experience with that. I would think if a person had a 2 piece system then you could turn your bag sideways and not have the issue of “pinching” off the bag some. Any other questions just ask. 


If you have a high output stoma, or your output is liquidy, you don't want your output in contact all the time with your barrier ring, as it will degrade the ring quicker.  So a vertical bag allows the output to drop below the level of the stoma and not be in constant contact with the ring.  As Alex said, when your output is firm you don't want pancaking, so having the bag vertical gives your output room to fall away from your stoma and down into the bag.  And I'm sure some just wear it vertically because it's easier to tell when your bag is near full that way.  Different strokes for different folks!  Hope that helps answer the mail!



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