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Does anyone play golf with stoma?

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

I was an avid golfer before I had my surgery and stoma. Played since I was 5 yrs old and I played alot of tournament golf until this happened to me 2+ yrs ago. Has anyone here played with their stoma? I have a very small parastomal hernia and I routinely where a belt with the hole for my bag to come out. I can make it as tight or loose as I choose. My surgeon has told me as long as I keep it very tight I can't make the hernia worse. Needless to say I'm very scared as I'm taking a trip this Friday and planning on golf  few times. Help? Lolol


As long as you’re fully healed, I’m not sure why there would be any issues. 

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Definitely still playing golf with an ileostomy.  Just need to "be prepared" and maybe wear comfortable elastic waistline pants so you're not putting too much pressure against your stoma area.   I found that I can't eat at the turn like I used to, else my stoma will be too active and find myself looking for a restroom by the time I get to the 11th tee.  LOL.  Really hope you get back out there and enjoy your improved health outside on the course.    


Check out https://www.stealthbelt.com/, great support for activities like this. I play polo, scuba dive, race cars, etc. A stoma shouldn't stop you from enjoying life.


Are they new to the tour? 


Hi Jalrein i used to golf every sunday with my inlaws, they road they,re cart and i would walk 9 holes but no more golf for me as my back is shot.


I have been playing golf since about 6 months after my Colostomy surgery with no problems. I also have a huge hernia and it doesn’t really bother me when I  turn. 

Start out with nine holes and see how you do. It’s my favorite pastime so I know you are anxious to get back out on the links. Good luck and Hit them Long,  Straight and Few! 😜


Grammybec wrote:

I have been playing golf since about 6 months after my Colostomy surgery with no problems. I also have a huge hernia and it doesn’t really bother me when I  turn. 

Start out with nine holes an...

Omg Grammy, thanks for the update. I'm curious, was your hernia small when you started? Did it get larger as you played? Thank you so much though, relieved to know I should be able to play. Going out this Sunday for the 1st time in 2 1/2 yrs.....


I to play quite a bit, just retired here in Az on a course…. I went and explained what was going on so now I can play with shirt out, Hense no belt!!! Bought a bunch of the Ostomy waist pocket pouches for securing the bag!! Back to a 10 hcp and swinging away.

Best of luck


No, I use a golf stick.

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You got this!! I’m a former bodybuilder and still workout daily. I wear my belt when I do any exercise and it totally helps. For me being prepared is key. I always have a quick change emergency kit handy just in case. I haven’t needed it but it just gives me peace of mind. 

Have a fantastic trip and enjoy every minute 


I played rugby for 17 seasons from the age of 30

So I’m sure golf is ok


Hi there, I’ve had an ileostomy for about 4 years and have had no issues golfing or playing ice hockey. I wear a stealthbelt regularly and it keeps everything  intact and in check for me. 


I play golf regularly. I don’t have a hernia issue but do not feel any torque in that area. There r belts u can get specifically to help with hernias. My main issue is sweat and tape integrity. I use extenders to help fix that. 
good luck n keep it in the short stuff!


I had a permanent colostomy 2 years ago and I play every week that I can the only issue I have of course is my stoma sticks out a lot so I have to wear a 3X shirt but other than that I’m good 


I have played golf with an Ostomy but I find a golf club is more effective!  Only kidding. Yes you can do anything you really want. I have 60 years experience with an Ostomy. 


I have two stomas. Have had for years. I usually only play 4 or 5 days a week but have no problems when I do. 

Yes, I still play golf,in fact I took it up after my ileostomy 48 years ago. I usually will take 1/2 of an Imodium about 45 minutes before my tee time to reduce output while playing. Doesn't really help my putting however.

I would say from my experience golfing, you could play more effectively with a golf club than a stoma.


Go ahead and play. Just make sure you have an emergency change with you in case something happens. I use extenders when I play during the hottest part of summer. It helps keep everything in place. When I sweat the adhesive weakens and my skin barrier will loosen up. I also snow ski and have not have an issue. Of course it is much colder then and you don’t sweat as much.


i have had an ileostomy for over 55 yrs and have played golf on a regular basis before and after my surgery.  i also have a small hernia and will periodically wear my nu-hope belt periodically depending on how i feel.  i like a little extra security on hot days, not as much an issue in cold weather.  my advice, hit it straight and keep playing.


This is great news. I just started golfing a couple months before my diagnosis. We are planning a family trip in June, 6 months after my surgery, and I was hoping to play. Sounds like I can.. woohoo...

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