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Off center rosebud opening


Does anyone else have an opening on the stoma that is at the side and not the center?   I’m wondering if this is what causes poo under the flange.  And any ideas on what to do about it?  

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Mine is listing to the side also, and I do think it may contribute a little. But since I have become more savvy using those moldable rings, I do not have anything sneaking under the flange/wafer anymore. I push it through the cutout hole and make a turtle neck around the stoma. All leaks begin in that area.


I hang to the left a bit. 😮🤭 


AlexT wrote:

I hang to the left a bit. 😮🤭 

You beast you Alex 😉 XX 


Hi Stinky,

  Yeah, mine is on the extreme right side, and I had the same issue you're talking about.  Solving it really depends on how far your stoma sticks out from your surrounding skin.  It it's flush you may be shit out of pun intended.  If it does protrude some then using a convex barrier will help......but really it's the ring that's critical.  You may find you need to actually back the ring off a bit, meaning leave a little space between the ring and your stoma in that location.  Otherwise your output impinges directly on the side of the ring and ends up sneaking under it.  And then instant leak.  You might also want to try the liquid barrier paste and sort of build a ramp from the side of your stoma up to the level of the ring, essentially blocking off access to the side of the ring.  It's gonna be a pure trial and error thing for you until you find what works.  I was changing my barrier every other day for the past 7 years, as that's about how long it would take for my output to start working it's way under my barrier ring.  Switching to the Sensura Mio Convex Flip about a year ago has allowed me to extend that to every third day, and right now I'm actually on my 4th day as a trial.  I could probably go longer, but I want to keep an eye on my stomal skin to make sure nothing gets out of hand.  Your other options are to have a surgical stoma revision.........or.......I think I remember seeing a new device that acts as a lip that you put over your stoma and it guides your output over the barrier.  I'm thinking Lovely posted that a while ago......but my memory is for shit I could be wrong. By the way...........where is Lovely........haven't seen her in a while.  Hope she's ok!!



Hello Little stinker.

My stoma was perfectly formed at first with the hole dead centre. however, with the enlargement of a hernia on one side everything was pushed over and now it exits more from the side.

The output simply needs to be channelled in the right direction, so there might be several solutions to the problem (some of them already mentioned).
I would suggest sending for a sample of the Salts Dermacol stoma collar (you will need to give them the size of your stoma as these things come in different sizes).

Eventually, my own solution was to make my own baseplates with a detachable 90degree bend which guides the output away from the stoma and into the sleeve/bag.

I did find that there were many fewer leaks if I regularly used an adhesive (glue) to stick the devices rather than rely on what the manufacturers put on their baseplates. I did use 7730  but it is now unavailable, so now I'm using 'Probond', which is a medical prosthetic adhesive and is working quite well. 
Solving these type problems is often all about experimentation and, what works for one person may not work for another. I have found that a number of resolutions to different stoma problems can come about by way of physical, practical prosthetics of one sort or another. However, this does mean a lot of experimentation and DIY which doesn't always work first time.

From my perspective, going down the surgical route (again) poses too many risks so simple 'gadgetry' is my preferred option. 

Maybe, if you try some or all of the suggestions proffered, you can find something that suits your needs. 

Best wishes



Hi lil stinker after have my ostomy for 33yrs. crohns had caused scar tissue to pull my stoma in and to the right so that the opening was at skin level and causing me to change the system every third day, i was also having blockages more often, so my pcp said its time to have resection surgery and now i have a stoma that flows like a garden hose and not like a soda straw. 


Thanks Y’all!  I just tried paste which seemed to help a lot, but changed it yesterday after a huge leak and was in a hurry and forgot so I will have to see.  This is all such fun, lol!  No chance of being bored🤣

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