Prolapse stoma.....need answers from the people who know


Does anyone or has anyone had a prolapse stoma? My stoma meets the requirements for one only in the way it has increased in length. No pain, no change in color, no problems with my wafer it's just that the length has increased and the top sticks out more than the bottom. I have zero difference in amount of times I empty either. I don't have a stoma nurse so I came here for help, the people here know way more than any nurse could tell me anyway. So, any help out there for me?


Hi Jalrien

I had one and it was revised, (redone). It gave no problems which it typical, just can be a pain to get the bag over it when changing appliance, but there are techniques for that but I wanted it fixed. And fixing it isn't an exact science either. They told me they just pull the slack through the hole in the abdomen remove it and reattach it. But be aware unless they relocate it, redoing the stoma will result in a larger diameter as they have to remove any surface scar around the perimeter of the current stoma as the appliance doesn't stick to scars and will leak.

I had one in January 2020. Mine is a loop that used to look like a bent thumb sticking out of my tummy. When it prolapsed it looked like a very big beetroot and hurt like hell. After an emergency resection it is now sitting just below the level of my tummy and difficult to get a perfect seal, so I am almost constantly in pain from burning and irritated skin.

Now waiting for surgery to make it more manageable.

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Wishing you a pain free and recovery that makes things easy easy easy for you in the future

One too is a prolapsed stoma. My surgeon told me that at times this happens. He has seen some as long as 4 inches,luckily my ileostomy is not and gives me no issues. If it grows more( it's stable now) or gives me issues,then surgery again ...but I'll wait.
good luck , Ritz

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Hi Jalrein,When I had my colostomy (I now have an ileostomy) it started to prolapse a very little, maybe half an inch or so several months in. It wasn't a particular problem, and it would usually be in it's retracted state, only prolapsing a couple times a day. Then, suddenly one day it prolapsed a huge amount, I'd say five to six inches. It basically filled my pouch. My output stopped completely and I was in a lot of pain. I was terrified. It took a visit to the ER and two separate attempts to get it back in while under anesthetic. I was already on a waitlist for my ileostomy surgery (for other reasons), so that got bumped up. My ileo has never prolapsed, but I also don't know why it happened with my colostomy either. Sorry, I don't imagine this helps, just my experience. My ostomy nurse and the surgeon both had no real explanation for why my stoma prolapsed, just that it "sometimes happens".


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