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Barium Emena and other fun prep


So just had a barium enema and need to know my my bag filled when they’re isn’t a connection due to my colostomy.

also wondering about prep for reversal. I’ve been ordered a bottle of miralax To be mixed into 64 plus ounces. Seems excessive for my colostomy

Any good tips on handling prep before reversal?

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They gotta clean your system out and that’s why it’s so much Miralax. That’s the same amount I took for my colonoscopy. Get a couple different type of flavors cause drinking that much of the same flavor is a little much. Be ready for lots of water in your bag. 😳😁


I'm really surprised they are having you flush your system to that extent.  I've asked if I would have to drink the go lightly again for a reversal, it didn't make sense to keep emptying my ostomy over and over for 12 hours.    I was told that it's not as extensive.   Miralax sounds much better then go lightly.  

You should be able to quit drinking when your liquid is clear. 

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I am a month in from Hartmans procedure. Colostomy complications with a necrotic stoma that needed to be revised. I am finally feeling a bit better. I am seeing a different surgeon in January to discuss moving forward down the road with reversal. 
How bad was the barium enema? My neighbor said it was the worst experience of her life. She said the pain was so bad. Did you experience that? Thank you and wishing you a  smooth reversal. 


The barium enema was no biggie, the worst part was scheduling because they have a shortage of machines and technicians in the office. However, they did not do one through my stoma, just up the bum.  I was relieved when they didn’t do the stoma too as apparently that is common but wasn’t in my orders.

but I’ve been having a really hard time keeping up with the output since. It’s basically like water now, so my Mio bags aren’t doing the best job of keeping it in because of the way they just fold up.

This is why I can’t believe I have to Take a bottle of miralax mixed into 64 oz of Gatorade and before and after drinking that sludge,  2 laxatives.  good advice on stopping once the output is clear.

This has been a shit show with just two laxatives required for the enema.  I might as well sit naked on a tarp in the yard and just have My husband hose me off…. Good thing we live on a couple acres and have privacy.  Tho the dogs and chickens might get freaked out….

16th is reversal date, I’ll share how it goes for everyone awaiting theirs….


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Today's the 8th and they are cleaning you out now when the reversal isn't for 8 more days? 

I probably misunderstood that due to sleep head.   Im so sorry you are going through this.   

Why do they typically do a barium up your bum and stoma?   And why an enema when your bum doesn't work at the moment?   

Please keep us updated and hope it's ok if I keep you in prayers


That was the worst thing ever. Had mine last Monday.. in my stoma and rear.. 

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I had to take the 2 day sutab prep.. 12 huge pills and 3 16 oz bottles of water 2 days before barium... then nothing but clear liquids for total of 5 days prior also nothing after midnight for the last 3 days.  Due to Monday barium.. Tuesday colonoscopy and then Wednesday  the reversal.. that was last week. 

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For stoma- to see how much large intestines you have for reconnecting.. and rear to see where to reconnect and to check for deterioration as I had diverticulitis and they found polyps.. now, I'll have to have it removed before I can get my ileostomy reversal.  She may be in the same situation.. anyway  they just want to see both sets of intestines to reconnecting them and where for laproscopic anterior resection.. 

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