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Free Ostomy Supplies! Where to Donate?


Hi All,
I just joined the premium content today and had my colostomy surgery in 2018. Since then I have changed insurances and thus changed from one brand to another.  The company I am currently buying my supplies from have sent me wrong orders more times than I can count. Many of these supplies have been piling up in my closet because the company told me to just donate the supplies or throw them away. I now have acquired a BIG box of unused supplies that don't suit me needs and I can't donate them for the life of me!  If you know of a place that I can contact, please let me know... OR... If you are in need of any of the following, I would be happy to send them to you! I just want them to be used.

I have:
3 boxes of Convatec flanges: Ref # 421458 ( 10 flanges per box)
6 boxes of SafenSimple  skin barrier film wipes
1 box Hollister New Image 2 piece Convex barrier #14905 (5 pieces per box)
2  quart size Ziploc baggies of pouches that fit the Hollister barriers mentioned above. These have never been used but I took them out of the boxes
because I was running out of room in my closet!
2 boxes adapt Stoma Powder   

I hope these can go to someone who can use them!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this next week!                                                                                       

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You can donate them to


$Queen83$ is looking for supplies right now. That bounty of supplies you have may help her immensely. 
Very generous and kind of you to look here first. I know of myself and Alex and few other members have had no takers when we offered our products here and got no takers.

Cplumber has a great suggestion with donating to an ostomy group, I give my extra or not gonna use supplies to my ostomy nurse who gives them to a group in Massachusetts who in turn distributes them to those in need. 


No idea why I posted twice, must have hit the back button too many times. Sorry for the clutter y’all. Can’t find the delete post button either, just edit so here we are


if you have a stoma nurse perhaps ask for she is in need as she nay see many who do without

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