Recovery Update: Home After Reversal Surgery


I'm so happy to be back in my own home! Don't get me wrong, I love the team of nurses and my surgeon at St. David's North, but cuddling dogs in-between dashes to the bathroom is preferable.

My pain level is pretty manageable. As long as I'm not engaging my stomach muscles, I'm at a 0. But having to get out of bed so many times to use the bathroom made me pretty tender. I'm sure I'll be getting used to it.

They were trying to do a dance with meds, one I was on to wake up bowels and after three days of no gas or pooping they gave me a softener with a light laxative in it and then I hit the yucky burning squirts state.
Running for the toilet every 15 minutes for at least four hours.

This morning while I was waiting for discharge, I ordered a barrier cream to literally save my ass and some non-toxic wipes so I didn't have to use dry toilet paper. The hospital had what our family refers to as "end of days toilet paper," which is basically like wiping your ass with fine grit sandpaper.

I also ordered extra-long panty liners with wings for the times I just can't get there soon enough.

My wound with the purse string stitch method looks better than the first time I saw it. I think it will close on its own in a week or less.

The worst part of getting home was my hubs getting pulled over for speeding because I was worried I was going to poop my pants in his truck. We are 45 minutes from the hospital. This particular Texas State Trooper gave absolutely zero fucks when I explained I just got out of the hospital and it was a bit of an emergency to get home involving zero control over my bowels. He kept us on the side of the road for 20 minutes, and I thought for sure it was all over. Of course, because I'm a baby, I burst into tears when he's explaining the ticket because I desperately want to get home, and I feel bad hubs got a ticket because of me. He could have cared less. I guess it's his job, but man, cutting someone some slack every now and then would be a nice thing to do. Luckily, I squeaked into the front door of our house just in time.

I'll post wound pics soon so you can see what it looks like after.

That's all of my update for now! Time to sneak the least smelly dog into bed before my husband realizes what I've done.


Your use of words in your description is great. I had the same issue with needing a bathroom when I was on chemotherapy and radiation. I didn't make it a few times.

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Best of luck in your healing and pooping! P.S. You should've shown the trooper your wounds!


Hi Elle

I like the way you write, very funny. Wish you a speedy recovery and hope you get everything you need.



Congrats and best wishes for a speedy recovery - I know everyone on this site is "rootin" for you!

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ron in mich

Hi Elle, it's great that your recovery is going well and a sense of humor helps. Thanks for a positive start to my Monday.


Thank God you made it through everything! Today I had a barium enema. That is truly terrifying. Glad I'm less than 15 minutes from the hospital. Tomorrow I have a colonoscopy and then Wednesday morning my reversal surgery. I'll be sure to have butt cream and wipes with me. Maybe even adult diapers.. hehe. Shame on that trooper.. glad you didn't poop on his shoes.

Reply to Renfromtexas

Will be "rootin for you too! Hugs


Hi Elle,Well, I hope with each day, things get better. You have a great attitude and sense of humour!I had a very similar experience a few years ago, when I was driving my husband home from his cancer treatment. He was feeling really nauseous and was afraid he might be about to hurl, so I was naturally trying to get him home ASAP!I got into the bus lane for a very brief time, a few seconds, just to get to the corner where we were turning a little faster. Well, this very diligent RCMP officer with nothing better to do, pulled me over. He gave a rat's ass that I was just trying to get my husband home from cancer treatment, and was very unsympathetic and cold as a fish. Not even sure what the ticket was for, but I got one. I guess he made his quota for the day though!Arsehole!



So glad you're home and love that you could share your experience and humor. I'll be praying for speedy healing.


Hi Elle,

Hard to believe that Trooper wouldn't cut you some slack, but you just got a hardass. Whenever I get pulled over for not wearing my seatbelt, the troopers always get real apologetic when I lift my shirt and show them why. I guess eventually I'll get one like you got, who will write me up anyway... but it'll be fun in court seeing what the judge thinks. Glad you made it home and are on the road to recovery. Last time I was down in Texas, I was speeding excessively on the 410 loop around San Antonio when my co-worker dared me to pop the top on our rental convertible. Don't ever do that... it doesn't end well for the car.


Reply to w30bob

Ha! Same for me. Hubby got pulled over one morning on the way to the hospital for wound care. He let us off and told me I could get a doctor's note for not wearing a seatbelt. Actually accused my hubby of not wearing one as well. He always wears his. Short story. No ticket for either of us.


Thanks for the updates! Looking forward to hearing more about your post-surgery healing process. Please take care!



Nothing like your own to heal up and be able to fully relax. Glad you are doing well and I hope the rest of your recovery goes great. A little tip for getting out of bed to take the pressure off your tummy is to roll. Hope you feel better.


Hi Elle, I had a reversal 4 years ago and I know exactly what you're going through. It took 4-6 months for things to settle down, but even now I go 4-6 times per day, depending on how much I eat of course. I won't eat anything if I'll be away from home for any length of time. I found that high fiber foods firm things up. Yesterday at Thanksgiving at my niece's house I was careful about how much I ate because I didn't want to end up on the 6 o'clock news. Sometimes my bum will get rashy and sore and I use Cortisone cream and that helps a lot. I used to use the cheaper toilet paper, but that was like wiping with tree bark, so I give in to the more expensive tp and it does make a difference. I remember in the early days post reversal being afraid to leave the house, but now I have better control, even though I've had some close calls at times. Good luck to you!


My surgeon recommended a butt paste called Calmoseptine, and it works better than the 5% lidocaine stuff I was using. It's OTC and I finally found it at Walgreens, I think. It's a drag that the Barbie butt still is so sore after 10 months, but this stuff really helps.