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Ostomy hip wrap


Can anyone recommend a hip wrap, the kind that resembles a tube top, but is worn around the hips and covers the bag. I have some tops not long enough to hide it and I don't tuck it into my pants because it's uncomfortable. I'm looking for the kind that's very soft and stretchy, and has the silicone edging so it stays in place. When I look online, the descriptions are not always specific and I've already wasted money on 2 that don't work for me. 

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Check into Stealth belt. Google it


I got some maternity bands from Target several years ago. I used them to hold my bag closer to my body during Yoga classes so it wouldn't make so much noise during certain moves.


I used bicycle riding shorts under my uniform when I was training, lycra and something else, plenty of stretch and a high waist, worked perfectly.


I tried the tube type wraps but found that they only fitted well for a very short time before they stretched to be far too loose - and then there was little I could do to rectify the problem (an expensive mistake). Hence, I decided that the solution would be a belt that was open-ended and fixed with velcro so that each time I put it on I could adjust the tightness to suit my needs.

Eventually I found a firm that made what I wanted, and they were CIU international. They sent me a booklet with pictures of all sorts of different designs, which I found helpful. they also were willing to make me a belt to my own specification (what more could I ask)? I've been using them ever since and they suit me fine. They only last a year or two before the elastic becomes useless, but I think that is more to do with our washing machine than it is to do with the material.

I'm a firm believer in having stuff made to measure, especially if you know what you want and want them made to your own design.

Try having a look on their website: 

They are based in the UK but as they call themselves 'international', I presume that they would export abroad.

Best wishes



Ostomysecrets wraps. They'll loosen a bit if you wear them multiple days but will tighten back up when you wash them. I wear one everyday at work now that it's colder and I got more layers on. I wore a StealthBelt  when it was warmer outside. I wash my wraps once a week. 


SIILOstomy wraps are the only thing I've found that fit me properly. My stoma is very low down so it's been tricky to find anything that helps/fits well under trousers. 


I use the Stealth Belt.  Pricy but worth it.   Actually bought two.  One for working outside and one for everyday and play.  
love it.  Good luck!


I use the Stealth Belt.  Pricy but worth it.   Actually bought two.  One for working outside and one for everyday and play.  
love it.  Good luck!

Reply to eefyjig

I found "maternity belly bands" on Amazon.  I really like them.  I like to wear my urostomy bag outside, but want it hidden.  These come in packs of 3 - 1 white, 1 gray, and 1 black.  I put on my pants, then wear the maternity wrap over the bag. (Maddie Moo Belly Band Seamless Maternity and Postpartum Shirt Extenders, Cotton, Medium - Black, Heather Gray and White, Pack of 3 at Amazon)

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