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I saw this article title about Matthew Perry having a life saving ostomy. What's your opinion on the article

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This was posted a little while back.

How to Empty a Urostomy Pouch | Hollister

If you want to sell a book you have to give the readers what they want!

Honest opinion in my view most feel like it especially in the early days..... a reversal was never an option for me but would think when you know it is you would hate the sight of stoma/bag and couldn't wait to get rid of it......I've had a ilesotomy almost all of my adult life never really bothered me but when I to have a temporary Jejunostomy stoma for just over a year I felt the same way about that as Mathew did I even told Dr's they should of left me to die and when I went in for reversal back to ileostomy I said if you can't do it don't bring me back round from surgery........I'm just pleased to hear he's got help and the thought of another bag is keeping him on the straight and narrow well done Matt keep fighting you've done a great job beating your addiction


At the end of the cited article, the author says: "We ask that they also give a moment to help raise positive ostomy awareness..."  I wonder if any attempt was made to present Perry with an opportunity to do just that.


That's a good question. I was unaware that Matthew went through this, and my first thought before reading was hope that he would share and bring awareness. Perhaps he could make his own opportunity. Hollywood is good at that with other things.


I find Perry's redemption act wears a little thin and he is only trying to sell more books. When you compare his previous behavior (targeting Senior's Open Houses to rifle their medicine cabinets) to his now request for forgiveness without contrition is, to me, all Buffalo Fluff!

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Until I saw this article I was completely unaware of his addiction, the book or anything he has done to feed the addiction. Targeting seniors open houses? WOW

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You do think like that at first. They are looking at trying to reverse mine in the next month or two. My first two weeks I looked at it as temporary and understood there were benefits to having it as I recuperated. My Dr made the comment I made friends with it. The next week I had my first blowout and I spent the next month at war with it and hating it.

Now it's hard to explain how I feel. Conflicted in some ways, and in other ways I'm ok no matter what.

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What was shared when it was posted before?

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