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Using body wash


Hello again everyone!

My question this time is about using body wash while having an ostomy. Do any of you use body wash or afraid to like I am? I have a brand new bottle that I really want to use but super reluctant. Thanks any and all advice.

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I use men’s Dial body wash every time I shower without a bag on, no issues. Just make sure there’s no oil/lotion in the soap. 


Hello Ostomy4life.

I have found that having an ostomy is a bit like life on a broader scale: Each of us is different, so we are in a gigantic 'experiment' whereby we need to find out what suits 'us' personally.
Hence, we don't know what works for 'us' until we try it out. I find it's best to try things out on a small-scale,  if nothing drastic goes wrong, then I can feel confident to upscale it.

I have a hot bath every morning, without any bag on, but it took a fair while to build up the confidence to achieve that position. After years of doing this, I have only had a handful of minor mishaps. I can look back and think what I would have missed out on if I had been hesitant to try it out in the first instance. 

It puts me in mind of a slogan I read on someone's tee-shirt : "JUST GO FOR IT!" 

 Best wishes


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Thank you for your input. I'll definitely look at the label and make sure it doesn't contain any oils or lotion in it. 

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Thank you for your input and advice. I think my whole issue is that I'm paranoid about thing's concerning my colostomy. And I need to put in my head to " just go for it" and remind myself that if anything happened it's not like I don't have more than one change of things. 

Thanks again 😃

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That’s the way ya gotta look at it or you’ll sit in a room with the shades down for life. Lather it up, rinse it off, put a fresh bag on, and go on about your life…..eezy peezy. 😬😁


You can use any soaps/shower gels etc as long as you make sure you rinse the skin around your stoma well 


The critical question is what do you use around your stoma.  Using body wash elsewhere is fine.  I was instructed by many ostomy nurses to use just water and a soft cloth around the stoma.  The reason being is there could be ingredients in the product that either could cause problems with keeping your barrier on or might react with your barrier. 


I use body wash on a daily basis. I  have an ileostomy ;so usually shower with my pouch on. If  you're  using one with high fragrance  try using with your pouch on at first..

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The dial soap is what I use around my stoma. I also use Head and Shoulders on it after I rinse the soap off. Rinse it all off really well, let it dry thoroughly and put a new bag on. I very rarely have any skin irritation. 


SANEX body wash & eau natural & dermatologically tested & low PH levels & rehydrates skin!!!


Regardless of what you use rinsing is the key!!  Like others have said use whichever body wash you want but make sure you rinse very well!!  Good luck 🍀 


Regardless of what you use rinsing is the key!!  Like others have said use whichever body wash you want but make sure you rinse very well!!  Good luck 🍀 


actually take my ostomy off while in the shower to give my skin chance to breath for a bit.  I've used many different kinds of body washes (with and without) my ostomy on. I've never had a problem.  My suggestion is start what is comfortable for you and try it on a weekend (or when you have some time off) and just monitor and see what happens. 


 I use a body wash every day without a bag, if The Body wash, doesn’t bother the rest of your body it won’t bother the skin around your stoma. 

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Why the head and shoulders?  Having awful rash on peristomal skin and close to stoma.  Itching and pain is driving me crazy.  I have crusting w stoma powder and anti fungal powder.  Use barrier sprays.  Thinking of trying barrier sheets.  


I use body wash every time I shower, without a bag. Just be sure to rinse well. 

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