My colostomy is an inney(sp)

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The forum discussion is about individuals sharing their experiences and tips regarding having an "innie" colostomy stoma.

Hello friends

I was just wondering if anyone else has a inney stoma? My colostomy stoma is an inney as my surgeon put it. I'm doing good so far with it. But just wanted to know if anyone else has the same as me.

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Hi there

There are in's, out's , larger diameter, smaller diameter and all different shapes, if you have a good handle on your set up that's all that matters.



Mine retracted and now is just a hole. And it's just fine.


I have a urostomy, so It's different. Mine used to protrude, but I've had mind for 44 years, so it has become an "innie" over time. The only thing I have found (and liquid is probably different than semi-solid) is that my ostomies are prone to leak a bit more since my stoma is also located where I sit - in that crease. So, l prefer to stand and/or lie down more than sit or stand. That seems to help a lot.


Mine retracted about 18 months ago (after 6 months). It sits just below the skin. I've had some pretty sore skin issues with it but now it's OK. My surgeon looked at it soon after it retracted and deemed it to be fine. I hope this and the other replies put your mind at rest.


Yes. Mine is as well. It's definitely been a challenge for me and trying to find the best products for me but I don't feel like it's as easy as some I've seen to manage. It's doable but sometimes just more steps.


My colostomy stoma is level with my skin, but I have no leaks at all using the Sensura Mio convex bags, Best bags on the market by far.


I have an innie too. Mine is also concave, the stoma nurses couldn't find it or see it so it's kinda buried. I had a lot of trouble at first also because my skin does NOT like stuff stuck to it and releases everything except Tegaderm. So my ;system has to be changed every 48 hours which is a pain. I also have skin problems taken care of by using Cavilon liquid which is ridiculously expensive but it is covered, thank god. So now It's just one foot in front of the other until it can be reversed next year. Good luck, you'll find the best products by trying everything.


I used to have an "outie" but the prolapse was painful at time so I saw a colorectal surgeon and he converted my loop colostomy to a "terminal" or "end-type". So now it's all tacked inside to keep it from prolapsing and it's an "innie" and much less painful than it was prior. I'm happy with the choice I made. With the loop it basically just brought a small hole of the colon to the surface l, allowing secretions from below the stoma to next up into the bag but often stool would go from the upper portion to the lower portion and cause me a lot of pain and time on the toilet. My rectal area was severely burned by radiation and doesn't stretch (hence the colostomy) so I wound up with an obstruction.

What I'm getting at is that it doesn't matter if you've a sunken or prolapsed bowel but it only matters that it's comfortable and as pain free as possible.

Be kind to your ostomy and it'll return the favor!

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