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Consistency of poop


I am really having a hard time getting the right consistency of poop. I take pain medication and medications for urinary and bladder spasms   
I go from constipation to liquid. 
taking senokot s and having been trying to get the right consistency. 
Question?  What is the right consistency?

How do I maintain it ?

which is better, firm poop or liquid? 
Any input would be helpful. It’s only been 4 weeks having this surgery and I am going a bit crazy. 

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It’ll vary all the time cause it’ll be dependent on what you eat, medications, etc. You’re very new to this and driving yourself nuts for no reason. Let your body heal for awhile and get yourself back to whatever your new normal will be. 


Thanks. Sound right 


Hello Hardyboy.
 From my perspective, there is no 'right' consistency, I tried laxatives and I had no blockages but the output was really messy; No laxatives and the output was firm but liable to blockages.

Sometimes I think it is better one way, because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Then, after I get fed up with that I swop back and have to put up with the disadvantages of having it the other way around. 

Just occasionally, I have quite long periods when I don't think about it much. These are usually times when I am using dietary methods to try to control it.

Sorry I have no helpful or practical advice, but sometimes it's useful to know that someone else is also 'suffering' in the same way.

I look forward to reading some of the more constructive replies to your post.

Best wishes



Poopology101. 😂 I don’t hardly deal with watery output so as long as it’s coming out, I’m pretty content. 


Hi Hardyboy,  I would agree that you need to give your body some time first.  Then, the right consistency is really what works best for you, with a couple of things to keep in mind.  Really loose, or liquid output can make leaking a bigger risk, especially if the output is in contact with your stoma for long periods of time, ie, your pouch is very full, or you are in a reclining position.  Thicker stool can make it harder to empty your pouch, but there are things you can do about that, ie, lubricate your pouch every time you empty.  Some prefer thicker stool, some looser.  It's really an individual thing.  You can make your stool looser by increasing your liquid intake.  If your stool in naturally loose, you can thicken it by eating certain foods.  That topic has been covered extensively on this site.  You can read up on 'Premium Content'.  Give it some time, see where your body is at as far as what is 'normal' output, and take it from there.  I don't know if you have a colostomy or an ileostomy, but people with ileos do tend to have looser output.



I agree  with  all the above answers.  You're  only  4 weeks out so your body is adapting. Try not to stress.

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thank you 

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 Another thing to consider;  if your output is thick, you are more likely to have 'pancaking', which is when the stool accumulates around your stoma and forms a kind of 'pancake', not moving to the bottom of the pouch.  This also can increase the chances of it weakening the seal around the stoma and having stool get between your skin and the flange, a situation you really don't want.  You are at the beginning of a learning curve here, but we are here to help if we can!


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I'm somewhat new.  I've had mine since the end of July.   I take miralax every day.   It was something chemo suggests for everyone.  I guess it's because of some of the meds causing constipation.   

After I finished chemo they suggested I stay on it because I'm pretty regular and can control my stools with it by increasing or decreasing.   

I sometimes have blowouts which might be what they are calling pancaking but my stool consistency is mushy but not so watery it runs out.   

I guess that's the consistency I like best.  Hope that helps. 


Hi there,

I know I am responding late. I just want reassure you that if your thicker it's ok.. I have an ileo and my body does the exact same thing I will be liquid then thick like oatmeal.. mine is not thick from lack of fluids I drink water all day and I drink apple juice which helps thin it out. It's just how my body is and I have had the discussion with my doctor a couple times. He actually said he preferred it on the thicket side due to us getting dehydrated so easily. In time you will notice what makes you even thicker and what makes it help thin out.  No need to worry 😁...

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