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I was trying to come up with a food plan this week, I am sick of the same-o. I saw a recipe for zucchini cut in strips, parmesan, salt, pepper and cooked in tin foil in the oven. Can we eat cooked zucchini skin?Or do I need to take it off?

I know it's probably a stupid question


Try a small amount of the skin first then if it were to cause a problem it will soon pass through....we're all different in what we can and can't eat and the only way we can find out whats right/wrong for ourselves is to eat it.......fingers crossed it goes well


When I first saw your message I thought you had a problem with your skin feeling/or looking like zucchini!

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I'd just go to Taco Bell. Seriously, I wouldn't eat much of the skin off of any plants unless it's really well cooked(softened) and you chew it to mush.


What do you have. colo or ilio? Colostomy tolerates most foods not so for ileostomy. We have deep fried zucchini sticks with skin on occasionally, no problem. I have colostomy.

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I have eaten zucchini, raw and cooked, many times without a problem. Just make sure to chew really well. The skin is not particularly hard to break down compared to the skins on some things.



You might just wantto try a small amounttostart with. Zucchiniin tin foil should be pretty soft. Just rememberto chew chew chew. Everyone'sdifferent and maybeyou'llbe one of the lucky ones.


With an ileostomy, I have eaten zucchini with skin many times, sometimes steamed, sometimes cooked in oven until mushy, sometimes by sauté in wok. 


I think if you cook it well you will be ok, but chew it well as with most things.


That sounds delicious! I eat pretty much everything without an issue, mushrooms are a pain but well-chewed is Ok. I love zucchini sauteed with butter, onions, other vegetables and white wine. As someone said, it's different for everyone, just have to try it. I have learned tons by just reading the daily entries from people asking basic questions; all questions are great and a chance to learn something from someone with a different point of view, idea or experience, or all of the above.


I slice zucchini and saute in in garlic and olive oil and top it with some parm cheese and toss in some frozen meatballs and maybe some grape tomatoes and ta-da! A complete meal

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LoL , I'm green


Have you had your ostomy long? Seriously, I have had LOTS more problems eating things when my ostomy was new and my colon was still healing than I do now several years later. Also try new things a bit, and then more later, and so on. (All really good suggestions above!) I have zucchini both raw and cooked, skins and all. It provides enough roughage to keep things moving, since I can not take anything like Metamucil for fiber (gives me HORRIBLE gas). But then, I do have more trouble with pancaking than with too liquid output, and I can't afford to let things compact and "clog up the pipes".

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I have eaten small amounts of cooked and raw ;zucchini with a colostomy stoma. Have had no trouble. Stay away from insoluble fiber. Have found oatmeal a soluble fiber to be safe in reasonable amounts.

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I find chewing fruits and veggies very thoroughly is the key to digesting them well. Zucchini skin has not been any problem for me.


I used to eat them with no problem but my system has become more sensitive. So now I peel them and don't eat a lot at once. Works for me.


Hi. I'm new here and have had my colostomy since May. I initially ate beige food but have gradually added more variety. I eat zucchini (we call them courgettes in England), as long as it's cooked well. The skin is very soft and nothing like tomato/apples etc., skin. Try a small amount ;initially in casseroles and I'm sure it will be fine. There are still foods that I won't even attempt due to scary stories of blockages but courgettes/zucchini have been fine. Good luck. Julie


I hav a urostomy and eat cooked zucchini n yellow squash regularly with no issues. Either roasted, steamed or stir-fry. No issues for me, but as previously stated, start with a small amount to c how it goes. Enjoy!

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What are some examples of insoluble fiber?

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I have a colostomy since the end of July.

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I would love taco bell but the gall bladder is a cruel organ and it takes away the best foods. Even if you are good and eat right it still decides to kick you in the teeth sometimes.


I tend to shave the courgette skin with a potato peeler leaving small amounts along the edges of the angles. They hold together well when cooked and the amount of skin is small enough not to case any problems.

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Taco Bell-

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