Pouch without Filter? Coloplast?


Hi everyone, I was hoping someone might be able to recommend a pouch that does not have a filter and it's completely sealed with the exception of where a couples to the wafer.

Currently I am using a two piece system, the pouch is a Coloplast 50 mm SenSura Click (#10165). The baseplate is the SenSure Click Convex light (#11022).

I've gotten very good at maintaining a good seal of the base plate to my skin. I change it every second or third day, rarely these days do I ever have a seal break from my skin. I always click the pouch lock to make sure it is not going anywhere and making a good seal at the baseplate.

The problem I'm having with it is that even though the pouch has a charcoal filter, it's not that reliable. Sometimes I'll be in a room and even though my bag is barely full, all of a sudden this horrible smell somehow manages to start to show up even though the filter is still dry.

I would honestly rather have zero filter, and then every once in a while slide out to the bathroom to empty the air out of it as needed. The "straw that broke the camels back" in making me want to finally go this route was at a recent social gathering one of my friends who is also a parent went to go check their kids diaper thinking they needed to be changed. Then they pop back up and say to their spouse "no, his diaper is clean, I wonder where that smell is coming from???"

UGH!!!!! Me. Gross.

So does anybody know of a similar pouch, preferably by Coloplast, that does not have a filter? Everything else I've done is pretty reliable, thankfully the adhesive and the skin prep provides a good bond with their baseplates.

Thank you for any suggestions you can provide!

Hi there,

I myself am a coloplast user.. and I can't use filters either .. coloplast makes them filterless. Just call them and ask for some samples and they will send them and the product number will be on a sheet inside with your samples. some of filterless bags might be with a transparent bag you have to ask ,I do know that the one your using comes filter less in a transparent bag for sure don't remember if the covered ones are.. but if that's the case just use a bag cover that's how I do it. Hopefully that helps

If your happy with the bag appart from the filter, can you just put the filter cover sticker over the filter to block it that are usually supplied in the box with them or if not use a piece of sellotape over it.

As we say over here in the UK whoever smelt it dealt it, I would put the blame on your friends for what they could smell act all innocent as if you can't smell anythinglol.

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I use a pouch with a filter, simply because Hollister doesn't make that particular pouch without one, but the solution is easy. Just put a piece of waterproof tape (3M Transpore) over the filter. Not only will it block any smell from getting out, but it will prevent any output from leaking out, which has happened to me.


You can try deodorant drops as well! ;I know those saved me once I found that! ;I won't go anywhere without a few drops in my pouch,

Good luck! Happy New Year!!

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Hi everyone, thanks for the replies. I will call the company to see if they can hook me up with some filter list pouches.

For those that use tape over the filter, do you put the tape on the inside of the pouch over the filter? Because when I feel it from the outside it looks like the "cloth like" cover might be hard to stick tape to.

Thank you again!

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