High Insurance Costs for Medical Supplies


So I didn't have insurance while I wasn't working, and I was able to get discounted supplies. It was reasonable. Now I have great insurance, and I got the first bill for the first supplies. 340 dollars! How are you guys doing this? It's so discouraging.


I don't pay anything for my supplies through my insurance unless I want something extra.

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I get virtually all my supplies on eBay.... I have Medicare but I'd rather just buy them than deal with the government. Most of the time I wind up paying less for them than my deductible. You will have to kinda shop around on there before you get desperately low. A lot of stuff on there comes from estate sales and they simply have no use for it and want it gone. Good luck


Well, I don't have insurance so I pay all out-of-pocket. I did some research and price comparisons so I think I'm getting the best price now (although I think it is a moving target LOL). I just budget it in like any other bill. Had to let go of some not-really-needed items. It is a big expense, but a necessary one so not much choice.


I totally relate to this. I had an $8k deductible when I had mine. Facebook has groups that share supplies.

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Who do you have for insurance? I want in on that! Lol


Ostomy products are super expensive. Even with insurance, my last job, I had to buy to meet the deductible of $1500. Then I only had to pay $20.

Now I have Kaiser, which is an HMO, and the product is covered, but if I need extra, I have to pay full price out of pocket. I usually need extra because I change my bag every day because I have a colostomy, and the smell seems to come through the bag after one day, and I work in a small office.

Try finding products on Amazon. I have done a lot of comparison shopping, and all medical websites seem to be expensive.

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It's more of what's negotiated in the contract than who it is. But it's part of BCBS.


I don't know how long that's been happening to you. However, when I started getting supplies, they sent the bill to me, then later to the insurance. Insurance paid for it and it's all caught up now.


Seeing these comments makes me even more grateful that we have the NHS here in the UK. I never have to pay anything for my supplies. I really don't know how you manage.


I buy all of my supplies on eBay. I have to meet my deductible first - 1500, then insurance will pay. I find that eBay is cheaper.


You should all move to Australia, all my supplies are 100% free. I feel for you guys having to pay out so much.


I'm on Medicare and have Supplemental Plan "G" with Florida Blue. Almost all of my supplies are included. However, there are some supplies now that Medicare doesn't cover that I used to get on my insurance when I worked. Only items not covered now are adhesive cleaner and internal deodorant tablets.


I also am on Medicare and have a supplemental United Health through AARP. I have never had to pay for any of my supplies, with the exception of the biological odor spray.


Has your insurance already paid their portion? Sometimes they send a bill before that happens.
Also, make sure that the supplier you are using is in network with whatever insurance plan you have. This is important and can really affect your out-of-pocket costs.
I have a Blue Shield PPO plan and I pay $75 per month co-payment. I use Byram for my supplies.


Even with insurance, you generally have to meet a deductible first. You might double-check with your insurance company to see what your deductible is. Once you hit that, most, if not all, should be paid for. I go through that at the beginning of every year. Good luck.

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Wow. What insurance do you have?


My insurance changed, so now I've been buying from Medical Mega. I pay approximately $40 for a box of 10 Convatec wafers and $23 for pouches, so it adds up.

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Would like to know the Facebook group names that share supplies please

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Hi, would you by chance know what groups on Facebook? Thank you


I hear you! I'm in the same boat. I owe my supplier over $1000 because my insurance only pays a small portion and I haven't met my deductible yet.

I'm not going to look at other sources for purchase out of pocket because what companies like Byram charge is absolutely ridiculous. But they have us over a barrel, so what can we do?

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I just got my first bill. I have a $1,500 deductible, then I pay 20. I just had no idea. As a single-income person, I just had a hard time accepting this. Lol.

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What kind of insurance is that if you don't mind me asking.

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I bet they frown upon taking in Americans, don't they? I'd love to be somewhere where health care was provided. ♥

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Can you share privately a group on Facebook? I have some supplies that didn't work for me in the beginning. I'd be happy to share.

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I think I would love that. What is the cost of living? How hard would it be to do that in these crazy times? Lol

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They need a thumbs down button. That's so much. The cost of living is so high. It's not like we walked into the hospital and said, "Hey, give me the most painful surgery you got and make sure the supplies are expensive, and I'll need them for the rest of my life." Geesh- a little melodramatic but I swear that's how I feel sometimes.

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I'm 48. What age do you have to be to qualify?

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A branch of BCBS. When companies get health insurance for their employees, all the prices are negotiated in. All the nurses at the hospital said I have platinum insurance coverage. &zwj

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I'm in the same boat as you, Sally. I think I'm going to give this a go.... https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/services/services_renderer.8135.html

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