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Is comfort even a thing anymore?


I'm a recent colostomate. I notice that it seems as of part of my wafer is pulling against me, mainly the top right quadrant (to left of belly button). My incision is still sore so I'm sure that may be playing into this as well but when I move just right it literally feels like the tape is trying to rip my skin off!! Anyone else deal with this?

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I do not know. It should move with you not against you. Maybe just some more healing time.


Probably just due to healing hopefully it will right itself very soon, but if it were to continue after your wound has healed speak to your ostomy nurse or get some samples of other wafers/bags to try. 

Yes comfort is a thing we should all have, you shouldn't even feel any wafer is stuck to your stomach 


Hi Wildflower,  If your incision is still sore, you are indeed very new to this, so please don't despair!  Comfort will come.  What you describe might just be something as simple as not standing up really straight when applying your the new appliance to your skin.  If you put it on when you are slightly stooped, then it will pull when you straighten up.  I found this out myself, and always try to keep my abdomen straight up and down as I apply the new pouch.  It also may just be part of the healing process.  Hang in there.


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That actually makes some sense, also wondering if the "peachy fuzz" hair on my abdomen can cause issues? And maybe trimming the tape down a bit more in that area? I'm pretty petite so it seems like that side of my belly is "all appliance" ostomy was placed Nov 29 (emergency open surgery) if that gives you a better reference as to the "freshness" of the surgical wounds.  

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My supplier deals with Convatec??


Sticky stuff stuck to hair can be painful when stretched and the hair can also make your wafer not stick so good. 


Deer hunting in that ground blind? 

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I know what you mean about feeling like your belly is all appliance.  I'm very small too, and my stoma is so close to my belly button that the outer part of my appliance actually covers my belly button.  I don't know about the peach fuzz, but I know lots of people do shave the area around their stomas.  Yes, if your surgery was Nov.29 and it was open surgery, you would have a longer healing process.  My surgeries were all laparoscopic, and healed much quicker.  You just need to give it time.  


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Yes, lol, my husband, daughter and myself are outdoorsy peeps. 

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Archery or gun? 

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Both, in this case it was my daughter's first hunt (crossbow), my husband and I were taking turns sitting with her in the blind. We don't go nearly as often as we should or used to, Kansas has literally turned "living off the land" into a rich man's sport. But when we do get out, be it hunting or fishing, it's great quality time as a family. They've definitely been my rock through this journey the last six months, I couldn't have asked for better support.

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Oh, time....which equates to patience....this is the second surgery for the same issue quite literally 6 months to the day of each other.... first go round they knew there was a perforation, but couldn't find it. This time, it was found and removed (sigmoid colon/diverticulitis). I was told this should only be temporary however, and am scheduled for a colonoscopy in March to hopefully get the green light for reversal surgery. I just know that per the doctor, I'm supposed to be released to return to work in another week, but my body just ain't feelin' it....

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It takes longer to heal and adjust than most think. 


Hi Wildflower, I have an ileostomy and you're reminding me about that feeling right after my surgery that something was pulling around my stoma and I was afraid that my bag would come off. I think it's due to the pain on your belly inside and outside from your surgery. When your stoma expands and contracts and your bag moves naturally, the sensitivity from your surgery pain heightens that insecure feeling . As you heal and have no more belly pain, that feeling will probably go away.


Yes, we had to shave the hair around my husband's stoma. I also think you'll notice a difference once the incision is totally healed.


I had the same problem when mine was new and wearing a belt until it healed for 2 months helped a lot. Now it's fine.


Yes I do still its part of the healing as everything goes down it should get better my scar was hurting too because it was pulling at,the side of it just patients good luck 

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I have had my ostomy for a year now and have always applied it while lying down.

I do it the same way my nurse did (I had a home are nurse come 2x a week for 6 months and that's how he showed me to do it).

I figure since my body is prone and stretched out the wafer is attaching to the skin without fighting gravity were I to apply it standing up.

I am small (5'8 but a natural 115 lbs). I too feel like my whole right side is covered by the bag (I also use extra adhesive barrier strips so I cover my belly button as that's a common leak location for petite frames.).

I strictly use Coloplast products as that's what the hospital used. They are very expensive but they work better than any other product.

I am Canadian though so the govt. gives me 1300$ a year grant for supplies. 

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Had my ileostomy 17 months come February 4th. Mine is never comfortable. Unless I'm asleep and can't feel it. 


I am also fairly petite and have the same problem. My surgery was on Nov 15. I cut all of my wafers (significantly on one side) to avoid the incision and my bellybutton. That seems to help. The peach fuzz pulling is bad too. I use a ton of product trying to get the bags off.  I hear people saying it gets more comfortable, but to be honest with you, mine is never very comfortable. 

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