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Thyroid issues post surgery


Just curious if anyone discovered after their surgery that their thyroid was out of wack? I went to gyno and had her run some tests and it came back off. I was put on Synthroid for hypo and though the blood results came back normal after 6 weeks, I just don't feel right. I mean besides the ridiculous amount of weight Ive gained. I imagined I would be losing weight not the opposite. Let me know if you too have been or have experienced this. Thanks! 

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No idea but I do know if your thyroid is out of whack, weight gain can be a real issue(from a family member). But you look pretty skinny and about 19 in your profile picture so you probably have quite a ways to go before it would be an issue. 


I am definitely having issues trying to regulate my weight since my surgery. I was blaming it on Ben & Jerry -  I cannot resist those 2 sweet guys. 🤗 But maybe I should get my thyroid tested. 🤔

When you say "I just don't feel right." what do you mean? 🌻


Your doctor should have told you that weight gain is a common symptom of hypothyroidism, which is an underactive thyroid.  The opposite condition, hyperthyroidism is when your thyroid is overactive, and this often results in weight loss.  You should ask if he/she thinks this will be a permanent condition, or will it get better.  My thyroid was overactive a few years ago, but I was on some medication for it, which fixed it, and it has been normal ever since.


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I need mine in hyper mode. 😬😁

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This has happened post picture. Pretty suddenly. Its an issue because Im only 5 foot. :) Hey but using the words skinny and 19 in the same sentence will certainly put a smile on my face. 

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prior to my ileostomy, I was exhausted, hair was falling out, brain fog, some weight gain but it seemed like I would be able to control. I have sisters with thyroid issues so I asked to be tested. I came back hypothyroid. I was put on Synthroid. My most recent blood work says its normal now. I dont like the way I feel on the medication and oddly gained more weight on it. No diet change. Just trying to see if maybe someone has a head start on how this might go. I do feel like my thyroid was probably before my ileostomy and had gone untreated undiagnosed. 

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Are they paying you to write nice things :). Pictures posted before weight gain

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