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Has anyone else experienced an ileus after an ostomy reversal? They're not sure if mine is still slowly waking up after my reversal surgery or if the dysmotility spread to my small intestine. I've really been struggling to find my appetite. So much of life is focused around food... for instance we're supposed to go out with friends Friday night and I'm stressed about eating because I don't feel like it (yes I know I need to) but I want to be with friends.

Yes, I had that after my reversal. They wouldn't let me out of the hospital until it resolved itself. I was in there for a week.

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So I did the extra week in hospital too but then begged my surgeon to let me go home... the roommate I had... I cannot make the stuff up that was happening. So we knew I'd be going home on Zofran. I was on a liquid diet a week after being home, then several weeks on a soft foods diet, now I'm back to reintroducing everything. But I don't have an appetite.

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Hi crappy colon, I think that the surgery for both an ostomy and ostomy reversal can often have post operative problems manifested in the same manner and with normal function returning very slowly. After my colostomy op' I couldn't eat for 7 days in hospital apart from small snacks, due solely to my complete lack of appetite. I had no ostomy production except for a small amount of liquid, but was allowed home on the premise that things would improve with time. My appetite didn't improve much despite my efforts to the contrary and took a couple of weeks just to begin to improve, I was then on a slow journey of general improvement whilst my family pressured for me to return to some normality regarding food and wellbeing. I rose to the challenge and went out for a nice get together and a meal, when we arrived at the restaurant I explained my situation and ordered a small portion, bollocks to what any body thinks, and then I really enjoyed the rest of the night with family. I know your medical problem is not just like mine but take my advice, go out and bloody well enjoy your friends, order something small and work hard to eat as much as you can 'cos you know that's important and have a lovely night.

Come on now CC, you can do that,

lots of love and best wishes,


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Brian, thanks for the encouraging words!!! Was skimming your story and it sounds like you have a very supportive family.

I think if I got some sort of reward for going out and trying to eat it would help haha.

When I was in the hospital I negotiated for popsicles daily. Making it a game where I felt like I had some control and was earning something I wanted helped me. But this one nurse ugh. He was not great about popsicle trips for me.


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Hi CC when i had resection surgery a few years ago there was a nurse on day shift that would bring a popsicle every time she did a blood pressure check, but a nusre on the late shift i had to beg to get one, i understand that there,s less staff on duty for late shifts.

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