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FALSE advertising? crazy prices


Looking for adhesive remover wipes (on Amazon) and thought I would try the Convatec brand.   While scrolling thru I saw the photo of the young lady and child on a beach.  Well I would LOVE to conduct a poll and see how many people run around in public with their bag out flopping unsecure in the breeze.  I am confused.  This young lady may or may not be an ostomate. If she is an ostomate why agree to such an outrageous and unrealistic pose?  

Second point why so much $$$$.  At $0.86 a piece this seems like a high price.

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Hi there,

Medical monks is the cheapest I have found to buy ostomy supplies, if you haven't checked them out already and they are quick to ship as well.

Normally I agree with you I have seen them advertise different products on people that clearly doesn't have one. This picture through is a bit a harder to tell it looks real. I am not sure what you mean by let the bag flopping around? I go around with bag normal all the time ,there's nothing wrong with letting your bag hang out and being shown. 


Quite a lot to be honest do now, have a look on social media in ostomy groups it's the in thing to do and to take phots on the beach and other places with your bag out on show (usually pointing at there bag with there finger I don't get the pointing at it bit) and most of the women have cracking bodies just as the lady in your photo does! It's ostomy awareness. 

Look at amputees a lot walk around with legs of trousers/tops cut of to show there artificial limbs with pride to show it's nothing to fear and there proud of them and they can live a normal life just as we all to, thats how I see showing bags as too.

I was on beaches, gardening, washing the car 30 years ago with my top of just because I was hot just as I did before having an ostomy not for awareness before these young ones that do it now were even born so it's nothing new, but they make me feel so old seeing them do it lol 


Actually she dose have an ostomy. I know her personally and she went thru hell and now lives a healthy happy life as an influencer with an ostomy. You can follow her on Instagram for sure and probably a bunch of other sites, along with a ton of other ostomate’s that let their bags blow in the wind.   Give it a try. 😎


“Outrageous and unrealistic pose”.  How is holding a kid on a beach either of those 2 things? She is advertising for an ostomy product, kinda makes sense to show her ostomy. I bet Jake from State Farm commercials drive you nuts, he wears a State Farm shirt, how unrealistic.  😮 


BTW, I’ve never tried them but you can get 100 Medline remover wipes for about $9 on Amazon. Doesn’t seem like a “crazy” price. 🤷‍♂️


I think its the craziest think ever,I have my ileostomy  for many years and no one ever knew about it if you want yo show you bag as they call it do it on an ostomy place for products not in public its seems like its no big deal that we had to have this done to our bodies, I guess I'm old school but I prefer it my way. I'm very grateful to be here and living my life but I don't have to show my battle scars.


That's fine If you don't won't too  everyone has there choice and for those that choose not to that's your choice, but there is also the choice  of the ones that choose and want to show it off.. so the ones that are proud to show it off isn't crazy at all.. I don't care who knows I have one I'm proud to show it off ,I am beautiful, I am strong .. I honestly think the whole world needs to see it . Noone knows what an ostomy is how it works or what we have to go through on a daily basis, we are the forgotten ones. Even more of a reason not only to show it proud but also awareness it's a beautiful thing what we have,God has given us a new life where we can enjoy life and life without being bogged down with the illness we have had and the tears and frustration of being sick all the time, being poked and prodded til the cows come home. So for me it's not crazy for me it's a beautiful proud life and I will show it off all day long. Honestly my self esteem rose when I got my Ileostomy, I have more now then I ever have had.


Both she and the child look very happy and content. That's what counts.


She has the scar, I think it is real.

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So well put Beth!  I totally agree with you.  I am not ashamed of my ostomy, not one bit, and if I felt like showing it off, I would feel free to do just that, where ever I want, and with no judgment.  I don't personally, but I applaud those who do.  I think you are advancing the knowledge and acceptance by the general public by doing that, and it's a good thing.  The two main reasons I don't are, one, my two piece bathing suit wearing days are long passed, and two, my pouch of choice is a Hollister, and when it has any output in it, it is clearly visible to anyone.  The fabric is so thin, one of my only beefs about the product.  For me, it's just not a pretty sight to force on people.  I've come to accept it and not be grossed out by it, but I don't expect that from everyone else.


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Glad to know this is a REAL ostomate and not some actor.

I am old school and will not have my bag out for the world to see. :)


Each to their own, I don't do it, but I have nothing but admiration for those who let it all hang out!



That is a hard one showing your bag in public me it's like bending over and showing my butt hole for everyone to see.

My bag is usually not that clean either.


Lots of caring and thoughtful people on this forum, but I don't think people at large really care if you have a stoma or not or know what a stoma is. If the person in question is attractive like this one some are silly enough, like me, to think it is a fashion fad, especially if it was holstered in a pretty bag like some that are available. That old saying: "Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone" has some ending words that are not often displayed, they are " because this silly old world has enough troubles of its own."

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Oh yeah, they do have ostomies. 🤭👀


Not a lot of pictures of guys out there with their ostomy bags showing, so I think I will get the ball rolling with this cute little crop top. Let me know what you think.

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Where's your bag ?


Hi dmo,

  Yeah, the price of ostomy supplies is nuts these days, but what isn't?  I was running low on barriers, since they switched me to a smaller size after my revision a week or so ago, and all I have on hand are larger ones.  So rather than put my usual 90 day order in thru my insurance and take a guess at what size my stoma would finally morph into........I figured I'd just buy a box off Amazon when needed as my stoma's size adjusted post surgery.  I was a bit shocked to see a barrier costs like $8 ea ($40 per box of 5).......and that was the cheapest price on there!!  I guess we take for granted that insurance deals with that mess..........but if we had to pay out of would be hard to stomach the costs.  


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Seeing someone’s ostomy bag is no big deal, but seeing that image just can’t been unseen. 😬🫣😁 Let’s keep skin tight clothing to the ladies, we will all be better off. 


How fat dudes show their bag off…..ladies, control yourselves. 🤭😁

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😂 LOL!  That's not an ostomate....

...THIS is an ostomate! 🤭

 Anyone know if he's on this site?! LOL! 🧐 🥰

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Look above your post, I just left my shirt on . 🤭

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I thought he looked familiar! 🤪

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You go AlexT !! Show it off !! 

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AWESOME!!!   You guys are way braver than I am.  GREAT to see the men represent!!!


Yes she is legit. I followed her account when I first got my ostomy. Instagram has a lot of ostomates that represent with their bag out to bring awareness and body positivity. I have not been able to be this confident. As for the wipes that price is about right. I use the Coloplast brand. If you are in the US you can definitely get stick shock. There are discount sites on the Ostomy 101 site. Best of luck to you! 

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This doesn't count as public since it's in my home gym in my basement but thought I'd share, a bit late on this post I know but I don't get to read this site everyday. I've had the hernia surgery to insert the mesh piece which has allowed me to lift weights again similar to before my ileostomy. Would not recommend lifting heavy weights otherwise and also the use of a hernia belt while doing it. I'm strange possibly from most in that I like to use a clear bag to see that things are moving correctly and if the output is thick or liquid, I probably like clear because twice I've had a blockage and just gives me peace of mind to see the output moving correctly for me. 

My first post on the advice of my therapist. Marriage therapist that is. Advised me to seek out a group like this. I put all my eggs in one basket, my wife, so to speak and now that is not working out so I need to seek other connections she said, sadly my 2 best friends have both passed quite young. Great advice. I'd never had therapy before marriage therapy that turned into my own one on one therapy with another therapist which is the best thing ever. Highly recommended to all, even strong macho guys (that's not me at all). Sorry to ramble in my first post, this is an amazing site and I've read tons and learned things on here I never knew even after almost 8 years with an ostomy. 

Shout out to Beth, hope to at some point have the confidence of you to do this in public perhaps. On a beach not just walking around without a shirt in general that is.


Welcome to the site Rocky!


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For I have to say thank you .. that meant alot what you said and I took it to heart. Second totally Awesome picture.. that's right show it off !! Proud of you.. and today the gym tomorrow the world .. 😁 ostomystrong 💪

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