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How much water to drink each day after you get an ileostomy?


A man had posted on this site that after his ostomy surgery, his urine output had decreased, and he wanted to know if that happened to everyone.. Any person who has an ileostomy should be seeing a KIDNEY SPECIALIST. My surgeon sent me to a kidney specialist when I left the hospital because if tons of the liquid you drink is going out in your ostomy bag, you are NOT GETTING ENOUGH LIQUID GOING THROUGH YOUR KIDNEYS, and your kidneys will fail, and you will end up on dialysis. M kidney specialist has me drinking 60 ounces of water per day. I am an older female who weighs 98 pounds. The amount you need would vary according to your body size and weight, I am sure. I did not know how to get back to answer directly to the man who was asking about liquid intake.

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Thanks for this post, as it draws attention to something important.  When I had my ileostomy surgery in 1964, no one told me that I would need to intake more liquid because of loss via the ostomy.  Consequently, I ended up with kidney damage.  They've stabilized now, but at about 1/3 their capacity.  I currently drink four 24 oz bottles of water a day.  It took some getting used to, as water is dull as .... water.  I end up in the hospital about once every two years due to dehydration, but otherwise I'm okay.  I've pretty much done away with other liquids, other than coffee, which I would dearly miss.  


Everyones going to be a little different.My kidney specialist told me 90 to 100 oz a day and Im only 130lbs. IF you know the name of the doctor I'd call his office,but I'd at least drink 64oz and if you do drink caffine that doesn't count because your dehydrating yourself and is recommended to drink water after.


How do you work out how much fluid you need to drink? I weigh 126lbs. Thanks.


Hi Okra my surgeon told me a long time ago drink whatever you like, the main thing is to do it consistently everyday, i drink coffee, gatorade that i mix from powder, milk, v-8 juice, water, and i monitor my urine to see that its pale yellow and go from there, i also put lemon juice in my water as i suffer from kidney stones.


Not heard of lemon juice in water  for kidney stones. Why?

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