Hair Removal Around Stoma: Any Tips?


Wondering if anyone has ever done any type of hair removal (laser, other....) procedure on the area around your stoma. I'm considering it but am curious if there's anything I need to consider that I'm not thinking about.


Nope. I just use an electric bikini shaver, works fine.

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Well, not for the weak-minded or snowflakes. It works for me, so I use my skinning knife. Nice and sharp, it gives a nice close shave because a razor has a guard. Didn't get close enough to Hector, and pulling hairs at first was like pulling a hair from your nose. Have a good day.

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Thanks, Alex. That's what I use now, but I'd like to see if there's a more permanent solution.

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It's not permanent but Veet might work for longer times than shaving. Bodybuilders use it to remove their body hair.

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I've seen lots of posts over the years asking about laser hair removal around stoma but never seen anyone say they've had it done. I think it's just a case of you making an appointment to see a doctor/ostomy nurse to see what they say and if they will do it, I wouldn't trust anyone other than a doctor/ostomy nurse going near my stoma myself.

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Would be interested myself to know if anyone has tried laser hair removal. I shave the area after removing glue and tweeze out hairs that ingrow under the barrier. Clean, smooth skin is essential for the barrier/wafer to adhere without gaps. Depending on how often you change the barrier, if it leaks, you'll get an acid burn.

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Be careful with the Veet, it can cause chemical burns. Not something you want on the skin around your stoma. If you choose to use Veet or any product like it, do a patch test first and don't leave it on too long. Good luck!


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