Congratulations on 50 Years!


Not being certain whether you're referencing your age, how long you've had a stoma, or how many years you've been married, I congratulate you on whichever it is.  


What was??

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What happened 50 years ago, Vincenzo? Definitely not your birthday or stomaversary (doubt if you'd celebrate that mofo anyway!). Maybe the picture didn't upload because you're using a Mac?!

Bread, milk, and petrol were pretty cheap, hey!


Well, never mind then.

Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

The queen visited Australia???

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The only thing I can find for the 28th of February in Oz history is:"the moment the Whitlam Government made the dole enough to live on" or "voting/legal age decreased from 21 to 18".

Three cheers for the young dole bludgers getting on the piss!

Was hoping it was the sacking of the Whitlam government (but that was 1975), only in Australia could a comedian be the star attraction at a major political event!


So true Jo.....I tried to upload the album cover of "Dark Side of the Moon" but it didn't work. Obviously don't know what I'm doing!

Anyhoo, 1 March 1973 saw "Dark Side of the Moon" released.

It is still a timeless classic and a huge selling record for Pink Floyd, not to mention the album cover. Brilliant artwork.

Loved Norman Gunston back in the day.

He once asked Muhammad Ali if he could buy him a "duty-free" transistor when he was in Manila for a fight.

True story and so Australian.

Keep well.


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But of course, should have thought of the music from 1973 first, it's Us and Them after all!


Funny Jo, last Sunday morning ABC Radio played the entire album Australia wide.

Listened to it as I was doing my paper round.

Turned over to the ABC by pure accident but it was more than worth it.

Don't know if I woke anyone up. Couldn't help but crank it up.


I was 4, a milestone in my life.


What an album that is. A lot of Floyd fans prefer The Wall or Animals. And those are great albums. Love them both. But I'm a DSOTM guy all the way. Sales and chart time tell the tale.



That's what I call a cake! Brilliant

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