Dealing with Painful Mucus Discharge from Rectal Stump


I was wondering if anyone has a lot of mucus discharged by their rectal stump that causes a lot of pain and tenesmus. How do you deal with it? I cannot expel the mucus by sitting on the toilet and bearing down, which apparently works for many. I use small tap water enemas which get the mucus out, but then I have severe rectal pain because my rectum and anus get irritated and start to spasm. The pain lasts a long time, sometimes constantly for days. Any tips would be very helpful. Thanks.


Hi there,

Sounds like your muscles won't relax in order for you to pass.. Have you talked with your surgeon about it?

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Hello Mark.

I will be interested if you get any practical advice on this one because I have tried a few things without success. I used to irrigate, which helped with the more obnoxious mucus, but when it became clear and less smelly, I stopped that procedure and now simply wear incontinence pads. The mucus flows reasonably freely and there is less anal pain and discomfort. However, the mucus does not absorb very well in the pads so I need a folded tissue wedged between my buttocks to stem the flow and help the absorbtion rate. My present method seems to work as long as there is not much mucus output, but if there is a lot, then it's a messy business.

I am looking forward to hearing what other people do about it successfully.

Best wishes


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Same as Bill. Rectal discharge for me is not painful but is the continuous nuisance of my life!

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Yes, I have talked to a number of colorectal surgeons about it. Each one of them has a different opinion. Don't know who to believe. I may have pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. I have been working with a couple of pelvic physical therapists to retrain the muscles. So far no result. Very frustrating.

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Nuisance I could live with. Severe, constant pain with tenesmus is unbearable and debilitating.

Doreen 21

I was recommended glycerine suppositories by my surgeon and stoma nurse. Use them once a week but some ostomates use them daily. They do help.

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I hear you... Pelvic floor dysfunction is not fun and not a joke. In my personal opinion, I think the therapy works and seems to be more intended for weak or loose pelvic muscles. Have they done the tests to check your muscles in the bun? Have they brought up Botox injections?

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Yes, I noticed that recommended on the NHS website as well. The only time I tried glycerin suppositories was before my colostomy surgery. It really irritated my ano-rectal canal. Didn't use it again. Maybe I'll try it again since I am desperately looking for some relief. Thanks for the suggestion.

Doreen 21

Try a pediatric-sized glycerin suppository if you are worried. I think they are half adult size. They do exactly the same job and work for me.

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That's a good idea. I'll try it. Thanks!


The Cleveland Clinic is a center of excellence for pelvic floor dysfunction.


I'm suffering from this too. I have an ileostomy.

Oddly, it was fine for the first year. I think my Crohn's has come back to bite me in the stump. I elected to keep it hoping to not further damage my nerves after prostate surgery. I now have a penile implant.

I'm going to try suppositories as soon as I can get in to see my doctor, but I think after all the failed drugs over the years I'm going to be asking for a barbie butt eventually.

If I had known about how severe this mucus discharge can be, I would have had the full op before and risked the nerve damage. But of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Ho hum, next adventure.

Cheers, Ian.

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I have done botox injection they are hit and miss just had one last week tiring to get ready for a spine surgery revision my pelvic floor mussel is so tightI some times can't release the left over water I use when do my home made colonic. Its not cheep and sometimes hard to get

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