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Reusable pouches

Posted by elli bean, on Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:13 pm
I have looked everywhere for these, and they only seem to be available from Perma Type, which doesn't make closed pouches. I want a reusable closed pouch, preferably not a large one, and I have no idea where to look. Usually Google can find anything but it hasn't this time. My ET nurse only knows about the bags that are covered by the province, which includes disposable maxi sized ones only, from different brands but still way too big for my little frame and too wasteful for when I shower since I have to change them each time because heat and moisture melt the adhesive. I have used a few different bags but I don't want to switch because Sensura serves me well in other respects, and I have a limitied number of choices due to cost and availability locally. Is there anyone who could help me here?

(I'm looking for these for the future, as right now I have a transverse, and it was planned that it would be reversed after my lower bowel heals, if I do well with biofeedback as I have pelvic floor muscle problems. But I've decided I don't want it reversed because of all the complications I had before colostomy. The muscular problems were not all that was wrong and much of what happened in my bowels, they still don't know why...not to mention relapse rates even if all else went perfectly. I don't want to go through that again, in fact I refuse to. I intend to have the site of the stoma changed because this one was placed very badly, and I have only had problems below the sigmoid portion of my colon so I would like it to be in the descending or sigmoid for better management, predictability and location. I might sound spoiled because I know not everyone has the option, but I am grateful that I do and at peace with the idea of having a colostomy. I want to use reusable pouches because of their being more cost effective in the long run and less wasteful.)
Reply by Pinky, on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:44 am
Hi Elli Bean - I have never seen a reusable closed pouch - how would you wash/rinse it?  Is it at all possible for your colostomy, rather than being reversed, just to be relocated down into the sigmoid or descending colon so you could irrigate?  Then you could wear a cap or a closed mini-pouch, possibly for days if your bowel became very well trained.

Also, have you seen the Schena EZ Clean system in the Phoenix magazine?  It is not a closed pouch system, but looks like a very efficient flushing system that would probably allow you to wear one pouch for a very long time.  It says it is approved for Medicare in the US - don't know if the NHS in Canada pays for it though.

Good luck with your search for a good system for you!      Smile
Past Member
Reply by Past Member, on Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:48 am
i dont think a reuseable pouch is a great idea.... however, have you considered useing a disposable liner in your current pouch?? that should at least double or triple it`s useable life. link is attached and they should provide you with a few free samples. good luck .
Reply by elli bean, on Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:51 pm
Having my ostomy moved to the descending or sigmoid is what I am hoping for, and I am expected to be eligible. However, because I have a history of inflammation (symptoms aren't those of either UC or Crohn's though) I don't know if irrigating will work for me or not. Plus I still would have to get patches and change them just as often. I figured that if they made reusable pouches that were closed then they could be washed out just like any bottle would be washed, having the one opening and all. I could remove, wash out, reapply adhesive and replace. Though it would get messy and be a problem to clean a closed bag in public washrooms if it needed changing then. The reason I don't want two piece pouches is because I would need to change the ring all the time anyway, as I need to clean the skin around the stoma very often, it gets very itchy otherwise. Also if I shower or bathe, the edges of the wafer become damp around the edges and if not that, then the adhesive gets too warm and melts underneath which won't allow it to stick for long, and in the meantime it further irritates the skin, because I guess some chemicals must be getting absorbed when it melts like that. Changing bags often does not bother my skin, keeping them on too long does, but the problem is I can't change them often enough because they're too expensive. That is why I was hoping for reusable ones.

I wonder though, what do people with descending ostomies usually use? I know everyone is different, but I mean I'm asking for personal preferences and solutions. Pretty please and thank you all for your help, of course.
Reply by butterfly48, on Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:46 am
Sorry to hear about your problem.  Personally, I would look at getting surgery on my ascending
colon like I did several years ago.  Then have it re-attached properly.  I know your tired of
doctors, surgery etc.  but I would give anything to have that option again.  for the last 20
years I have been fighting colon cancer twice, uterus and breast cancer.  I just had a ileoscopy
removal of whole colon and don't like it, but I am alive, my decision was permanent.
It sounds to me all you need is a proper diet and a Natural Path (ND) doctor to get you on the road to recovery.  I have found alot of health problems are caused by the foods we eat.
Good Luck and don't give up.  You can apply for medicaid or medicare.  Medicaid pays 100%
that is what I am on now, for may bags.  Also I have found on the internet special clothing
to wear while showering so you don't get anything wet.  If you have any more questions please write -  Butterfly48
Reply by Pinky, on Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:59 am
Hi eli bean - My colostomy is in the descending colon (my sigmoid colon is gone). I like to use a mixture of closed pouches (when I'm out and about) and drainable pouches when I'm around home.  Plus I irrigate every AM.

One reason I can think of nort to rinse out pouches and re-use them is because stool is full of bacteria.  I don't think rinsing could kill off all that bacteria - the flushable liners really are a great thing - they are flushable to the sewer, biodegradable, and pretty cheap considering how many you get in the package.      Smile
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