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I just spent forever typing a message an lost an I was on a roll..ok I'm gonna try one more have a colostomy had rectal/anus cancer..since then had surgeries for hernias...obstrutions...all in all I have been hospilitized at least 7 times after my cancer surgery...had surgeries for hernias an obstructions..last time was a big mess..had hernia repair..had more small intestine removed..adhesions an obstructions...thought my surgeon was gonna have a I ended up with major complications...had 3 blood transfusions...infection in my kidneys..blood an lungs..stayed in intensive care unconcious for a week...they didnt think I would pull through...but voila...I beat the odds again an after 5 weeks in that place..I walked out..ok wheeled out..anyway heres the story now...oh an keep in mind that I have lupus also...have whole bunch of issues going on with stoma who I call "harry" in having test done found a another big hernia lower stomach which is wrapped around my small instestines an theres a small a smaller one over my stoma that is causing me all kind of they are very painful...ok so I go see colorectal surgeon an he says that it would be a big surgery with complications an he feels that I wouldn't be able to survive it again..ugh...but if they get worse or the obstruction does well of course he would have to do emergeny surgery..ok so I ask if there is anything I can use to like hold everything in place cause my stomach is just mush an he says it would be more he increased my pain meds...woohoo..I alrealdy take pain med for lupus...ok so I can't lift bend stretch blah blah when I walk they hurt or climb stairs an when I stand I have to hold the bottom of my moly...I',m a big ole mess...has any one have these hernia problems continuosly? Any ideas to maybe give me somekind of support for stomach...I'm frustrated an quite frankly a little scared...seriously the last time was really bad..thanks my friends for listening an your support..xoxo
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So sorry you have so much going on ... but you still are holding on - that's wonderful.

There are loads of different hernia belts out there. You can even have some made special order just to accommodate what his happening where on the belly.

The first step would be to see an Ostomomy Nurse. They, not the docs, deal with this every day and know what is out there and what is possible or not.

Most hospitals can put you in touch with an ostomy nurse.

I have a belt and wear it when I'm more active ... to help the little hernia that is niggling at me (not fully developed) from coming through. It's not the most comfortable thing to wear, but it works.

hth and all the best.
Agree i have one each side had issues aswell  stoma reversal few years  anyway in oz here there r soo many hernia belts to poke a stick and also knickers dunno how u could get the unisex boxers very popular giving time into gong to our association i hav seen a hernia like a basket ball Oh yes i did ask 2 hav a look he wears the hernia belt doesnt complain ( i do ) now i have h been told i have 2 hernias both sides pls go to the stomal therapist nurse i could get u some cod no chsrge just p/we dont pay for amything 4 ostomiys i feel for you mine are not bad but have seen shocked but r they like your insides being twisted ..Mare -mooza.. YOU TRULY NEED HOPE REAL HOPE MATEY LEAVE ME A MESSAGE IF U WAN TO SORT SOMTHING 0UT ..PAI KILLERS CANT BR THE ONLY SY TRY ANOTHER G.P I AM TAKING PAIN MRED NOW SO AM WRITING WITH ONE EYE WORKIN SO LET ME KNOW
Hi there - tried to answer this earlier but it wouldn't let me for some reason?

I have a huge hernia which is supported by a delightfully sexy support garment built especially for me by the NHS in the UK - NOT! The progression of yours sounds just like mine, having to support it whilst walking etc. ....... it has been much better with the support, but my hernia is still very painful - it has had a massive impact on my spine as I have had it for the last 5 years, which now means my mobility is really quite restricted and painful.

I have mentioned this in the forum before but couldn't find my piccie of the lovely thing I wear to keep body and soul together .... rats! Have a search through the forum and you may come across it!
Hope you find something to suit!
Rach xxx
Thanks for advice an support...will do some checking out...God Bless..xoxo Fran
Sorry your going through all this.  I too have had colon cancer twice and before my ileo operation I had many hernia repairs, so I know what it is like to have a hernia.   Did you get the hernia due to lifting certain weight straining yourself, or is it because of your diet?  Have the doctos or nurse ventured in explaining why?? or is it like in the past with me poor surgery.  I am really afraid myself this could happen to me.  What I have found that by
wearing a thicker panty and by cutting a slot on the front side to put the bag through really
seems to hold my stoma and stomach in, and easier to get to the bag for emptying.  
Good Luck  Butterfly48

hi....where have you been my friend?  My computer had a virus and I lost your info and was not able to send you a message.  I was only able to send winks.  I did that in hopes that you would reply.  I have not heard from you for a while and have become very very worried.  Can you please respond to me so I know you are ok?

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