Bag Leaks When I Leave - Need Advice!

Hi folks,
I have been watching and reading this site for a couple of months now. I had my surgery (ileostomy for Crohn's disease) in Oct 2010 and spent about 6 weeks in the hospital.
The problem is that every time I go shopping or go anywhere, my bag seems to spring a leak out from under the seal about 1-2 hours after leaving home. I wear a Hollister one-piece, and the only thing I can think of is the heat of wearing clothes and moving around. At home, I am normally wearing loose clothes. I'm in Australia, so at the moment it's summer, and I have noticed that as it gets warmer, the seal of the bag gets very itchy as well, usually followed by the bag leaking.
I'm really frustrated and haven't had much of a social life since I had my surgery. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
Hi, Jade. I had my surgery about a year and a half ago. Even though I rarely go out even now, it seemed in the beginning that no matter how well I did at home, I never failed to spring a leak every time I went out. I think it's improved as I've found different products and have just gotten better at putting the barrier on. Things got a lot better when I switched from using paste to using barrier rings, and I started using Genairex Barrier Strips around the outside of the barrier and feel like I have an extra layer of protection. I've thought of checking out undergarments for us "special" folk, but just haven't. If it continues to be a problem, you might want to check that out. When I was in the hospital, I got a starter kit - I think it came from Hollister - there's a pouch with room in it to put everything you need for a quick change. I also keep a bag in my car that has towels and extra clothes. Best of luck.
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It's a trial error thing. Different products work for different people. For me, Hollister was the worst! I would call and get samples from different manufacturers. I started out with Convatec. Tried Hollister and Coloplast. I ended up with Coloplast Convexity 2 piece. I have had 2 leaks in 6 months! I LOVE them!

I had exactly the same when I first started - every time I went out it leaked - well more than leaked - exploded so it wasn't worth trying to sort it out until I actually got home!

It does get better over time - you get better at putting on the pouch - you find a bag that is more suited to you - not just the one they throw you out of the hospital with, and there are more products out there to help you get it to stick etc etc

Even so - mine still lets me know it's there every time I go for a meal out - seems to go bang between main course and dessert (I know it's trying to tell me that diabetics do not eat dessert!) but it ain't nice!

Sounds like you may be pancaking a little at the top of your bag - try a little veg oil or baby oil to enable it to slip down into the bag to prevent it all sticking at the top, that may help a bit?

Good luck and keep us posted

Rach xxx

Hi Jane, I have found out the hard way that you may have a crease when you bend over. You may have a good seal when you're laying down, but it can change or have a retracted or a flush stoma. I use skin prep first, then Coloplast strip paste and Coloplast convex bags, same as the other lady. Only 1 or 2 leaks in 6 months. Get some samples, you won't be sorry.

The name of the bag is Coloplast Convex Sensura Cut to Fit if you have an odd-shaped stoma.

I hope things get better.

Poppie, Australia

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YEAH, I AM IN MELBOURNE. It's not the heat, it's the pouch. I have Crohn's and ileo. I use COLOPLAST SHALLOW BASE PLATE. I can't wear the flat ones anymore or I leak. Are you cutting the hole properly? What did the stoma nurse say? Please tell her or him. It's important. You need to help the skin big time. MARE RING COLOPLAST. Get a sample of the shallow base plate. It helped me. Make sure you cut it right. Then get the pre-cut. Cheers from MELBOURNE. 40 tomorrow. Too hot!

Happy New Year to all of you down under.... A few points concerning the misbehaving wafer... I have an ileo and use the Coloplast 2-piece system with very little leakage.... But if I did not have a readily available roll of 3M TRANSPORE tape, I'm sure I would be leaving many a trail of poo!!!! I mention this because many people on here speak of leakages but seldom the importance of using tape to help keep the wafer close to the skin.... The material on the back of a wafer is not super glue or anything close to it... It's a compound with adhesive and skin maintenance properties. If it fails to stick really tight to the skin when you first apply it... It will work loose.... To assure it does not work loose, I TAPE IT DOWN for at least 12 hours.... Also, if it's hot (regularly bending over), you will sweat... So if the seal between the wafer and skin is broken, the wafer will lift, itch like hell, and eventually allow the contents to run down your leg!!!!!! To avoid this... When it is hot, TAPE the edges of the wafer... The tape I mention is meant to stick to skin and will not work loose as does the wafer material.... I get 5-7 days out of a wafer.... But it's ONLY because I keep the tape handy. Once a wafer is well grounded in place around the stoma... It can lift close to the edge but be restuck (I guess that's a word) but if it lifts close to the paste, it will itch enough to drive you crazy... And within a day or so, have to be replaced... So TAPE TAPE TAPE... That's my experience anyway... Hope it helps.... Wish I could send you some snow!!!! Cheers Scotiaman

PS ... I also tape the wafer before a shower... After the shower, I remove the tape... And dry... If some edges are lifting... I'll tape them down.

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Whenever I get a leak, I like to figure out what went wrong so that I can prevent it in the future. If it's just sweat, maybe barrier spray/wipe to your skin before you apply your one piece. With my skin, Hollister worked better with barrier spray than without.

As an ileostomate, you have different considerations than myself, a colostomate.


Yes, tape works pretty good. I still have to change. I have had my colostomy for 2 years now and I change twice a day in the winter and up to 3 times in the summer due to the heat and moving around. Plus, yes, I have a crease that the wafer is in, but I use a hairdryer and heat up the wafer. I use Hollister 2-piece and it seems to work pretty good. I also use tape. The other thing I noticed is that if I am sitting straight up, I blow a leak. So when I am out, I know to bring extra tape and use toilet paper to plug the leak until I get home.


Thanks for all the tips, I will try everything and will get lots of samples and let you know how it goes.


I've used the Hollister 2-piece flexible wafer and paste and get 3 weeks between changes religiously. I also use the belt. I weld and crawl around inside ships on my hands and knees and love the freedom of the flex wafer. Just a thought.


Get 3 weeks between changes religiously.

Now then - you are just showing off again!!

My Hollister pouches perish around the edge after about 3 days .....

You lucky devil!

Rach xxxx

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I reckon after 3 weeks the wafer would be walking off by itself, but good on ya mate for making it last that long!

Mine lasts a week and that'll do me!    
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The longest I have worn my appliance was 1 week and I only changed it because I couldn't stand myself. I was stinky! LOL. So if you're getting 3 weeks

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7-8 days is my limit. I would like to cause a scandal and accuse Bikerboy of using one or more performance-enhancing substances including, but not limited to, steroids, but he also states using a belt.

I don't know how the Hollister belt hooks up, but my belt use is likely to have contributed to the longevity I experience when wearing my gear (my experience is with Convatec and Coloplast). And when I say gear, I mean my two-piece appliance.


3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................Wow, that is amazing

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Are you all joking? 13 HOURS is the longest mine have stayed on for. I've just got some glue to spray onto the flange, and I use tape. I have noticed that when I get in and out of the car, it pops open. I have a crease problem, I think. Can't bend over either.

Hi Jade,

Welcome! I've had my stoma for 3 years now. I had an ileostomy on 7/2/07. I have had my share of leaks and have constantly tried new products.
I use a Coloplast 2-piece. I have found that the adhesive on the barriers is not enough to adhere to the skin very well. I use Hollister medical spray adhesive when applying my barrier. I also use the Hollister barrier rings instead of paste. I have found that this has greatly reduced my leaks. I don't think that you can eliminate leaks completely, but you can reduce them to a minimum.
Keep the faith and the best of luck to you.


I've been using ConvaTec SurFit Flexible wafer and pouches for what seems like 436 years and I've read where a lot of people use Coloplast. What is that? My 'gear' works great for me but just curious.


Coloplast is another ostomy supply maker like Convatec or Hollister. I prefer the Coloplast products myself.


I used to keep the wafer on for three weeks at a time, but my doc wants me down to one a week so the skin will stay sore-free. I've never had a problem with leaks and I'm a welder and climbing all over ships. I have melted a few with a torch, but that's the fun days.

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