The Hilarious Adventures of Being a Supportive Partner!


This is a day in the life of Santabelle, he, he!

I hope we can all find humor in this story and the things we do for love!!!

My boyfriend, who is a commander in the Coast Guard, just suffered a seizure due to epilepsy. Ultimately, he cannot drive for six months, so I take him to and from his numerous doctors' appointments at the Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, MD. I dropped him off last week for one of his doctors' appointments and went back home to wait for him. When I came back to pick him up, I couldn't reenter the hospital building because I am not part of the military, so I was waiting across the street at the "kiss & ride" (Metro) in Bethesda. Since I do not have AC in my vehicle and it was 104 degrees outside, I was rather warm, so I decided to wait outside for him under a shady tree. Well, long story short, I locked my keys in my vehicle, agh! I called AAA, who came an hour later, and they were able to open my door in a split second! My boyfriend, at this point, was still at the Naval Hospital waiting to see his neurologist. Again, let me remind you, it's still 104 degrees outside! I am melting, but I'm still trying to act cool as in "groovy". My ostomy bag is really filling up at this point, and I had to start supporting it with my hand like a baby. The National Institute of Health (NIH) is located directly behind me, so I made a snap decision to enter the building. What else could I do? After all, when you have to go, you have to go. I entered the building, went through security, signed in. Security guards asked me which building I was going to and what my purpose was for entering NIH, and I answered, "I have to go to the bathroom, and any building that has a restroom will be fine," not kidding! Whew! I got to use the restroom and walked back to my vehicle proudly wearing my name tag.

Later that day, I had to drive my boyfriend to Union Station downtown in DC to the Greyhound bus terminal so he could catch a bus back home to NJ. Again, it was 104 degrees outside, and I might add the bus terminal had no AC. Some benign fans in the building were blowing warm air around, big deal!!! My boyfriend's bus was two hours late, agh! I left the station eventually after he caught his bus, hot, tired, and bedraggled at this point. I got lost in not a very nice part of town trying to find my vehicle. A bum asked me for my only bottle of water. I made a snap decision. I had to tell him "no" because I needed my bottle of water more than he did (plus there were people giving out free bottles of water at the station). I got lost again driving around in the city trying to find my way home! When I finally found Rt. 495, which is near my home, I almost stopped and got out of my vehicle to kiss the pavement! Soon later, I met my friend Millie to vent, only to have my poor ostomy bag give way because the adhesive on my ostomy bag had melted in the mere heat, and all the contents were flushed out all over my cute WHITE summer pants!!! On the bright side, Oxyclean works really well!!! Ahh, again the things we do for love!


That's why you are a survivor. Perspective is everything. Always measure whatever bumps lie ahead of you on your road with good judgment and some humor.

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It's been a long road, but I can finally laugh at myself. After all, what else can we do, Primeboy! :-)


That's too funny and I actually am reading and watching this happening in my head. LOLOL, it's real bad but hey, been there done that. I would have emptied under the tree. Nowadays, I just don't care, it's coming out and that's all there is to it. Thanks for the tip. Hahaha, sorry darl but I visualized your story. LOL, good on you....mooza xxxx


You're too funny! Unfortunately, way too many diplomats here in the DC area, so I'm trying to keep somewhat of a composure, but I don't care ultimately, they're so stuffy here, can't wait to move! LOL!!! Ha, ha!!!

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...Seriously, you can't go to the bathroom in the bushes here in the DC area, and if they saw my ostomy bag, they would think it was some sort of terrorist weapon. And well, I'm just guessing it could be trouble for me, agh!!!


Funny story, Santabelle. I agree with you about the weather. Walking home from work some nights in this hot and humid weather, I can feel my appliance slowly coming off from the sweat. I can't wait until fall!


PJT, I always thought summer was my favorite season but I am now waiting for the fall too!!!


Well guys, have you tried other appliances? Oh, I got a little secret. If you need to empty, think about this one: an empty plastic coffee cup with a lid. Oops, not much of a secret now. But I don't know where I came up with it. Maybe some cheap big cups? Empty, da daaaaaa! There, what about that then? Worst scenario, hehehehehe. You had keys in the car. Was there no shops around? Maybe a plastic bottle from ANYWHERE!!! Told ya, I don't try to worry. Or maybe I lost the plot. Maybe I should've started Facebook. Hahahah, just watched the DVD. LOL. Okay, who wants to employ meeeeeeee? On pain meds, might have a few problems with instruction at first. Lololol. Awwwwwwww.


Sorry, not a job. Spelling might help. I said "SECRET", not "sevret". Lololol.


That is a good idea, Mooza


You guys are crazy, lol!!!


I will send your story to him. I'm sure he'll appreciate your stories to tell as he has many. Thanks for your reply.

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