Dealing with Leaks and Stitches: Day 12 Post-Op Woes


Day 12 post-operative. Remember that old 60's song, "Feelin' Groovy?" Well, I've rewritten it to suit me today and it's now called "Feelin' Grumpy"! I had to be up early in case the District Nurse decided to call at the crack of dawn, but of course she didn't turn up until after lunch. She's very nice though, the same one who came to do my stitches when I had the op on my back three years ago - just as well she is nice because I wasn't in the mood for anything less than a perfect bedside manner. No bother with the clips coming out, it stung a bit, but it didn't even flicker on my pain Richter Scale, not after what I went through before the surgery.

The soreness is no better around the stoma, but then I wouldn't expect it to be after just one day of ditching the wipes. Had two leaks, one with hardly anything in it and the other with a fairly full bag. Don't know what that was all about, I hadn't done anything different as far as I was aware but obviously my aim must have been a bit off. My stoma nurse is coming tomorrow so I'll see what pearls of wisdom she has to dispense. The Imodium tablets I've been taking on her recommendation to try and firm things up haven't worked at all and I live in dread of it being like this when our holiday rolls round on 31st January. I have horror scenarios of being trapped on a plane in a massive queue for the toilet, cue the music from Jaws, my bag blowing up like a spacehopper and going 'Bang!' at 50,000 ft, showering everyone with the fragrant contents of what's left of my large bowel.

Oh well, at least I shall be carrying my deeply unglamorous supplies on board in style, having ordered a lovely floral carrybag from the Cath Kidston sale yesterday. I decided that the butch, blue nylon freebie job from the stoma company didn't quite cut the mustard .... shallow in the scheme of things I know, but hey.

Right, Emmerdale, Eastenders and Coronation Street, then bed ... the first episode of the new series of Shameless will have to wait for me to watch it on catch-up tomorrow - I'm knackered.

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District nurses are usually nice and friendly. You're lucky lol, I had the district nurse coming in when the clocks went forward. She forgot to alter hers, she came to mine at 7 am lol. Have you tried liquid Imodium? It works quicker than the tablets, and with doctors/nurses' advice, you can take more than the recommended dose. You can take Codeine Phosphate with it as well to try and firm things up a bit more.

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When the clocks went back, lol.

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Hi, Eggs. When you see your stoma nurse, ask if you can try some adhesive protective powder. You put it around the stoma where it's sore. It helps to dry up any wetness there and also helps to heal skin and helps with leakages. Hope this is some help. Happy soap watching... LOL. Take care, Ambies...

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Hi there again Eggandchips, oh don't panic just yet. We all had those early days when we wondered if things would ever settle down, firm up, and leaks would stop. Don't worry.....everything will settle down. I know I started off with a one-piece drainable pouch from felt huge at first, but I needed it to start. I finally settled for a much smaller two-piece system from Hollister when everything was working normally. Your stoma nurse will help put your mind at rest tomorrow I'm certain. I know I rested a little easier, at first, when I put a bath towel beneath me at night. To see you home this early is wonderful but don't forget so many of us were still recovering in the hospital at this stage. Take it easy and gently, as Carol said last night. And to think you're back watching Eastenders and Corrie too.....I wasn't able to stay up much two weeks after my surgery.....spent the whole time reading and reading. It's still a favorite pastime of mine. Take care, Colm

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Thanks for keeping us informed, but even more for being so open and honest. There's no way to know just how many people you're helping, as you walk us through your journey. I know it's not easy to keep your chin up and yet you find a way to make us smile, as you remain a fashion diva with your floral bag, LOL. No JAWS theme for you my friend, more like....I Am Woman, Hear My Roar!!! You are strong and incredibly generous to take us along as you meet the struggles of your recovery. Thank you. In admiration, BEG


Aw, I love Shameless. Hoping we get new episodes in Australia. Yes, Beg is so right in every way. Are you trying Ileo gel to soak up the watery stuff? It's better than Imodium (I think). Before pouch, I would take 12 of those things a day. PIA (pain in arse), lol, literally. Eackon, Ileo gel sachets put in pouch to definitely firm that watery stuff up. And actually, I like the Coloplast pouchy bags. Floral? C'mon, eggs do better than floral. Get skulls or something. Pink skulls, yey! I like them myself. Or cool skull and bone with a flower. Lol, sounds more like a tattoo, hahah. I know many peeps who take codeine, yep, addictions though. Been there, done that, and probably doing it again, argggggggggg. Primo, you can check my spelling. I found you a job $$$$$$$$$$$$. Of course, I'm employing you and will be awaiting my check. Hope it's in the mail soon, hahah. *) No idea what I tried to draw there. Xxx, see you later, mooza. Oh, Melbourne, mooza.


Hello there! I am 6 weeks post-op with LAR surgery and woke up with an ileostomy (to be reversed in 4 months). As far as food, I eat a lot of crackers and pretzels along with Imodium, and they firm it up nicely. I have found the perfect pouch system! It is by Convatec, a 2-piece Natura Moldable Dermahesive wafer. It's perfect because it moves with you and creates a turtleneck around the stoma. Also, the perfect barrier wipes by NO sting 3M Cavilon. They have healed my skin rapidly. Just a nugget of help since I am learning as I go. Good luck, ND.


Oh yeah, those moldable earplugs are good, but I mucked mine up too much. So I'll stick with the one-piece Sensura and Latina. I use the 3344E too. Unfortunately, I think it's great, but I have some crazy SOB ulcer just inside the edge of the flange, and it's infected my whole abdomen is red raw. I am on antibiotics, hoping it gets better. It's looking like an ulcer, and I've been there, done that with my old site. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggg..x


Eggs, how did you get that red typing? I love it! xx Like "redrum, redrum" hahaha. I want blue... yahoooooooo! Have a great day. I think the full moon is out right now. Off to sleep, toodles again! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Wow, just logged on and seen all these lovely comments ... thank you so much boys and girls, you're a bunch of stars and it's so good to have met you all. Thank you for all the tips and advice too, nobody can really understand like those who are in the same boat, eh? Mooz, the red typing .. when you bring up the box to start a blog, there's a whole load of stuff at the top where you can choose the type, the font, the colours etc., it's like a little block with coloured squares and you just click on the colour you like. Bye for now, will blog again this evening xx


Hi Eggs and Chips, I know how you feel. It took a few weeks after my surgery for my stools to firm up. Once they do, you just have to be careful what you eat or you may end up with diarrhea. It's trial and error. I kept a food journal of foods that caused excess gas and diarrhea. It also depends on how much of your large colon was removed. The more colon removed, the more watery your stools will be. Keep us informed. Donna