Dealing with Colostomy Bag During Oral Sex


Does it bother you when you are giving oral sex and the partially full colostomy bag is banging against

your face?


If anyone can comment on that, I would appreciate it.

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Well, my new wife doesn't seem to mind, but a bit of discretion must be taken, and hygiene is a must. Never thought I'd be answering a question like this, but what the hell!!!!!


Well, where a pouch cover and don't act like your colostomy is a handicap. My husband is still as up close and personal with me as before I had my colostomy, and I think it's because I don't act like it's a handicap. But it is a good idea to make sure your bag is empty beforehand.


While it's been a while since I have had the pleasure - I would not like it at all. But, there are so many products out there to keep this from happening. You and your partner should check online for ostomy products. I think the one most look at is called Ostomy Secrets - but there are a few. Plus, I read one woman uses tube tops (covers it up and keeps it in place) which aren't expensive and you can get at any Wally World or the like. Kudos for you going at it anyway!

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Seems only reasonable that you wear either an emptied bag or a new one in such a situation.


Just suck it and see!!


Plan if you can... As well, food passes quickly with stoma... So do not eat before having sex... Hard to do but possible... If you can irrigate... Irrigate... Irrigate... Solves problem completely... Nothing passes until next irrigation... I can usually go 2 days without irrigating... And you can have sex any time you want... Lol... Also buy these hernia stretch bandages... They come in 5 inch widths... Can be stretched and tightened... Bag stays secure...


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Tape it up.


LMFAO.....ya know I have an ileostomy bag and they do sell lingerie or dude briefs with pockets....would you mind my bag hitting you in the face??????

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LMFAO.... Are you really thinking of banging a bag of shit to someone's face!!!? Obviously man, a new one or a clean emptied one... Not talking from experience but it's common sense.


Watch out what you tape up or you won't have any fun.


I like Moonshine's answer. In the end, would you want a partially full bag hitting you in the face? Maybe, but most likely not! Theoretically, you have 2 hands... use one of them to hold the bag away from your partner's face. Just sayin'...


I wear a belt. So make sure mine is empty and clean, then tuck it up in the belt so it's out of the way for most sexual activities.


You know what men like most about oral sex. The 5 minutes of silence.


@Garfish lies!!!!!! (Made me laugh again though)

ron in mich

When it gets to oral, about 30 seconds is about it :)


Nuggets of worthless wisdom ;)


My mate doesn't seem to mind when my grip slips on it, but otherwise I make it a point to hold my bag away from his face. Absolutely no negative impact on his love of giving oral.


I like the pocket/wraps from Ostomy Secrets. If you can find someone who doesn't care, go for it.


I have the same problem with my feeding tube. I was so embarrassed the first time with my husband. Of all people, your spouse. My tube hangs down way low, and I use my dressings to hold it up. Just as when I swim, I used a colostomy bag to put my tube in and then seal it to my stomach. It took me 40 years to wear a bikini and I made up my mind that I was not going to be embarrassed to wear a bikini on the beach, so I wear that colostomy bag and I wear it proud. I figure nobody knows me and if my family doesn't have a problem with it, I don't either. And after 35 operations and being almost 51 years old, if my husband thinks his wife looks damn good in a bikini, I am gonna wear one!


Hell yes! Sounds like a plan to me.


Oral sex is just superb!!


My reply was for Mary's attitude about wearing a bikini for her husband - since I can't edit, I thought I'd put an addendum. I've been getting a lot of winks since my post on August 4th. Yikes! :/


Whatever turns your crank, so to speak.


I never had any problems with oral and having a stoma bag. I usually fold mine, but it has never been any nuisance at all when I have oral sex with a man since we are being very open here.


@Zywie Haha, loving your replies! No wonder you're getting winked at. Haha.


My thoughts are that you put on a new bag before intimate contact and see if one of those wraps to hold the bag in place will work for you.


Jeez... I simply wear a t-shirt and lie flat on my back when receiving oral. I then tuck my bag under my t-shirt. I don't really have to as my partner loves me and my bag. When in the hospital for surgery, the first thing he wanted was to get to know my wee bag and even empty it. He also christened it Dolphin, due to the funny noises it makes. It's fun having a bag and a life.

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