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Sometimes stomas are performed
so someday they maybe reformed.
Surgeon’s can sow the colon back
and lives can then be back on track.

There are some people with a choice
to make decisions and give voice
to what they really want to do
if a reversal comes in view.

Now I recall that I rehearsed
how I would have it all reversed.
For sure it could my life enhance
if only I would get that chance.

It all seemed so straightforward yet
I hesitated with this bet.
What were the hidden risks to me
to get rid of my ostomy?

When all about it was not known
then some seeds of doubt were sown.
I thought I ought to research more
so I would know what lay in store.

With exploration on the ‘net
for information I might get.
The risks I found might be quite high
I then was bound to ask the why.

Why prevaricate with fear
as my reversal date drew near.
I waited so long for this day
but what was wrong I couldn’t say.

I ponder now on this subject
and wonder how in retrospect
someone like me would know it all
so I or we could make this call.

B. Withers 2013

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I have decided to go back to an ostomy bag. 5 years with a Jpouch is unbearable. The incontinence depresses me immensely. Do you have a Jpouch?
Hi Bill. It's always a pleasure reading your stuff and Steve's contribution is so helpful. I'm happy some folks have succesfully reversed their toilet process to the way it was but not everyone can have that done without other complications. Here's what I think we need to understand: an ostomy is NOT the worst thing in the world and we can learn to do just about everything we did before. It might be easier physically than emotionally and psychologically but life can continue very effectively, productively and we can even have some fun. Bill, I think you you made the right decision. Steve, I know you did. Respectfully, Mike
Hello Bill, good post something that each day an ostamate is faced with. However each one of us have faced different situations. Some can't and some can. I wish all well whatever choice they make. . Good look! Angelicamarie
Hello stevebeme. No, I don't have a Jpouch. I have a colostomy and irrigate. However, I can empathise about the incontinence as I was faecally incontinent for years before I opted for the surgery. What I can cay is that even when I was using a bag, it was so much easier managing from the front rather than trying to manage the anal incontinence. Best wishes Bill
Hello Mike. You are so right about having a stoma NOT being the worst thing in the world. I was helped in my decision making because I HAD A PROLAPSE which they operated on several times without success. This made me realise that I needed a new approach to manage the incontinence and alleviate the dreadful pain. The stoma did the trick on both counts. As for the emotional and psychological aspects, this is something that really needs to be addressed as an integral part of the post-surgical process as it can lead to some serious problems if it is not dealt with at an early stage. Best wishes Bill
Hello Angleicamarie. Thank you for your post and, as usual you are spot-on regarding us all facing these problems form different circumstances and differing perspectives. The choices remain very personal but it is useful to be able to have an insight into other people's deliberation processes. Best wishes Bill
I am currently not having issues with leakage as im getting one full week between changes
Hello Goobie. A full week without changes sounds great and let's hope it continues Best wishes Bill
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