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Phantom Rectum Syndrome


Hello Ostomates 

I recently joined this site and sent out a request to hear from anyone who was double bagged  like me, i.e., has a colostomy and urostomy. Given the rarity of that situation, it was nice to hear from a couple of members who could fully relate. It's not my intention to brag about how special I am, but now I want to put out another call for a condition that is apparently even more rare. It's called phantom rectum, and it's as bad as it sounds. It's just like a person having a leg amputated, then feeling pain in the leg that's no longer there. So every pain imaginable that a rectum could cause is created in my brain, and it feels 1000% real. I will spare you the nasty details, but the pain in combination with the location made it feel like torture. Eventually, by chance, I was referred to a neurologist pain dr. who tried an off-label opiate use to treat heroin addicts. It helped, then with the addition of smoking marijuana (legal in Canada), I got to a point where life was worth living again. So if there is anyone else out there who has experienced my misfortunes, check-in. Maybe my unusual combination of meds might be useful to others.

Best in the new year


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Sorry you went through that. Happy New Year
2 peas in a pod. ????
Hey Pablo. Here's some bagger confessions! I sort of remember being a kid and my parents telling me about a relative of ours having a shitbag. Totally gross! All these years later and having them myself, it's still gross. I don't think I'll ever stop disliking getting up close and personal with my own crap! Once I thought of how badly I could freak people out by wearing my bags out on a bus/subway, especially a clear bag.
Spell check gave you a new name Panko
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