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Cold weather hiking

Evening all, I’m from upstate New York and winter is coming!!  Just got an ostomy bag a week ago and was wondering if anyone has hiked in cold weather with their bag. I mean cold, like 30 degrees below zero!  Worried it may freeze?

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Nope, it has never froze, even thou h h I was so cold and could hardly set up camp.
Awesome! Sounds like you went multiple days but I would only be out for 7-9 hours for a day trip.
An ostomy bag shouldn't freeze as it's held close to the body. If it does freeze, you've got bigger problems.
Other body parts will freeze first
To prevent other body parts from freezing, take a partner. I'll let you figure it out.
Bag won't freeze. I was out duck hunting last winter with wind hills well below zero. The only issue I had was my chest waders froze so I couldn't lower them to empty my bag. Glad nobody was around to watch my dumbass fight that. ???????????
Never had a problem hiking at high altitudes in Utah winters.
Hi all here i N. Mich. we get a lot of snow so out come the snoshoes and when your walking with them on you get quite sweaty so no chance of the bag freezing up.
Thanks, you are correct. I snowshoe also and it uses a-lot of energy. I've stripped down to a t-shirt because I was sweating so much even though the temps were well below freezing.
I would ask the same about getting in a hot tub , does the adhesive melt ???
No, lots of people on here do it. If it is tight on land it will be tight in the hot tub. Just follow the rules.
There are rules in a hot tub??
Isn't it only 10 minutes at a time. No diving. No food.
Hello my name is Charlotte and I have a ostomy bag and that's a lot of stuff to get used to but I thank God that I'm still alive I just can't focus my little head around what happened to me I'm only 55 but I think God that I'm still living and I enjoy reading some of you guys comment I also just join on here but I just don't have the money to pay for that to become a member so even though I'm not a member I'm here and I would like to talk to someone if you out there talk to me love everyone even though I don't know you but I still love you
Does anybody know a good soap or body wash to use because I'm about tired of Dial soap is it a body wash I can use can somebody let me know something thank you
cartercharlotte983 start a new topic to get results. I just use my shampoo.
The bag will be fine but you'll be FROZEN
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