Managing Ostomy Bag Odor in the U.K.

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Hi everyone.

I live in the U.K. and I've had an ileostomy for a few months now. I've gradually come to terms with the whole experience and am finding the benefits of wearing an ostomy bag to be beneficial compared to the bad old days of chronic Crohn's disease.

My only problem is controlling the smell. Does anyone know of any effective products for sale in the U.K.? I have heard, through a friend of a friend, of a product called Na'scent available on Amazon. Has anyone used this and is it any good, or are there any other products available in the U.K. that can do the job?



Hi Gina, you should be able to get that from your prescription provider. I know Coloplast Charter does it. I get Respond mint drops from them on prescription, recommended by my stoma nurse. Best of luck, Michelle xx

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I tried that Na Scent stuff. I didn't think it did much good. I had them send me samples, never bought any after I tried the samples. I just use the Hollister lubricant/deodorant packets. Baking soda is supposed to work well according to Henry, I've never tried it.


Hi Meadowsweet,

I am in the UK too and a newbie Osteomate. I haven't tried the product you mention, but I have been told that a couple of drops of an essential oil in the bag is good for the smell - I have tried this and find it works for me.

To be honest, other than when I change my bag, fortunately I haven't noticed any smell.

It might work for you....


I use bags that have no filter - after each release of contents, I rinse the bag with plain water. Then, I put several drops of baby oil in the bag (as was recommended on this site) - helps everything to slip slide away at the next release. Have yet to hear from the local sewage department about an oil slick in my area. JB

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Na'scent irritated my stoma because I rinsed and something in it doesn't agree with me. Hollister makes a really good one called M9. Safe n Simple makes one too. I use the blue drops.


Hollister M9 and Sure and Simple ostomy deodorant, which is cheaper, are safe if they should touch your stoma. Both do an excellent job of covering strong ostomy bag smells.



Like the Berton Lagden, I have not had a problem with smell, might have to look at what you're eating. Funny how we are all similar but at the same time so different. I really think you should be looking at what your eating. If it smells going in it will smell coming out. Regards IGGIE

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M9 works great.


10 - 20 ml of hydrogen peroxide works well. You will have to add it again after each  bag drain/change. 

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Work great for under the litter box as well! Kills ANY odor!

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