Sensation of Food/Gas Movement in Intestines


Hey all!

Is it normal to feel food/gas/whatever travel through your intestines?

I seem to feel a sensation on my left side of like food or gas traveling through and a few seconds later it will come out of my stoma.

It doesn't hurt or feel that uncomfortable, it's just annoying sometimes. Especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. My stupid brain focuses on the sensation/movement and keeps me awake. Lol

Not something I ever felt pre-surgery. I do drink a lot of carbonated drinks so my assumption is trapped pockets of gas or something?

Anyways. Not important just curious

Rose Bud 🌹

It happens a lot to me too, especially with milk or coffee, and I've only felt it since having an ostomy. Like you've said, it doesn't hurt, but feels like a little alien crawling its way out sometimes. It's just gas and how your body responds to it now. (At least that's what the doc told me)

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I feel everything on the right side. Not sure why. I asked the GI Dr if it was weird and his response was "Well, it doesn't raise any concern." Sometimes it reminds me of what it feels like when a baby is kicking from the inside when he/she is small enough to move around a lot but not big enough to kick a rib out of place yet. I told the doctors sometimes it feels like the wild west in my abdomen as stuff still moves around a lot. I'm back in physical therapy and my small intestine acts up a lot after PT, and I'm feeling where every muscle/fascia tissue they cut through is under the surface. You're newer out from surgery than me, so still lots of healing going on under the surface too.

Dogen\'s bag

You are not alone. I feel a tightening of the stomach and an odd "push" and know the fun will push through within a few seconds if it hasn't already.

I liken it to a warning bell or a truck backing up and beeping. :-)


Me too, I can feel it travel and sometimes all the way through.

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Reply to Rose Bud 🌹

That's so funny. For the most part, I don't even think about it. It's when I concentrate on it that I get annoyed. Just waiting for that little bubble of air to come out. Haha

Reply to Dogen\'s bag

Yeah, I'm still pretty new to things but sometimes I get a little tingle or pain sensation on the way out. I get that when things are very thick.

Reply to Beth22

Such a weird feeling.


I totally get the same thing. I'll feel (and sometimes hear) something gurgling through on my left side and then moments later, out it comes on my right side.


Reply to TerryLT

Yep. I'll get a slight stomach ache and a few minutes later....the Play-Doh factory starts. Only happens if I'm gonna have a good amount of output. Otherwise, I usually feel my bag and say....huh, I pooped. &zwj

Reply to AlexT

Lol, Play-Doh factory, that's a great comparison, love it!

Sunshine Girl

I have never put all these weird sensations to words - thank you!...and me, too. After reading so many responses, I figure I must be (somewhat) normal! :)

Reply to AlexT

Hahaha. Same

Reply to Sunshine Girl

It's comforting to know there are some things we all have in common. Things that don't cause concern.


Sounds like you could be starting with adhesions. Two and a half years ago, I had the op. I started with what you are describing. It only got worse... Lots of CT scans and MRI telling me nothing. There finally opened me up two weeks ago, and I was full of them and organs stuck together. They burned them away... The worst thing is they are returning and bad.