Did i just poop?


Hi baggies,

I had a colostomy reversal two weeks ago, and now have a loop ileostomy temporarily. After my surgery I began to pass rectal mucus after two days. It was browny red at the start, then cleared to putty coloured, all normal.

BUT THEN, this morning i woke up with a much more urgent feeling, and when I passed what I expected to be mucus, it felt very firm. On examination it really seems like I did a poop. It looked, smelled, and had the texture of poop, not mucus.

Has this happened to any of you? Am I going crazy? Should I contact my doctor?

You're ok

With the loop you technically have 2 little openings in the stoma. So in theory most stuff will empty directly into the bag. But some stuff will go into the other opening and if it goes that route it will exit your body in the traditional way. I really don't how some stuff I ate made it out the first opening into the second, but it did. I typically had that happen 1-2xs/ week. When it does happen, focus on the muscles you're using and work on strengthening them now. It will help your body be more ready for once the process is completed.

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Good answer!!!

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Yes, great answer! I freaked the first time and called my nursewith pictures. I have motility disorders so it's rare when it happens, but now I play Sia's Unstoppable song because it hurts, takes forever because my muscles don't know how to work, and I consider it a holiday!

I'm sarcastic and I hope I don't offend when I say this, but yes you were just still full of it. &zwj

Also, the little hole where the stoma is can shoot out mucus or diarrhea so be on guard when changing on a really sick day.

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I'm like ooo oooo I know this one!!!

How are you healing?

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Between your sarcasm and sense of humor I think we should be friends

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I can definitely use some! I'd like everyone to know we just became Ostomate Official.

That's awesome! I think if I did decide to make my Ileostomy permanent (which I'm not) I would keep my lower parts to poop out mucus. I love it! Every few days I feel human for a few seconds as it slides out.

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You did decide?Oh! I found a J-poucher for you to talk to, but the screenshot I took is on my phone because I knew I wouldn't remember otherwise. I'll send it to you.

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