No colon= loud small intestine?


Does anyone else whose colon has been removed from your body find that your small intestine is really loud now? I'm not talking gas noises either, it's just loud and comes out of nowhere.

Here's one theory I have: when the colon was there surrounding the small intestine it muffled noises

another theory: the small intestine is just a whole new beast now since it's had to take over a job that it was not originally designed to do (like absorbing water)


Nope, quiet as a mouse and always had been. Find yourself a length of rope and some sun block and some steel capped boots, go out to the yard and hang by your feet for a few hours naked from a tree. Take your phone with you and put some dance music on and sort of jiggle upside down to the music, see if you can relocate your small intestine for different result, keep us updated regarding results.


Hi CCD funny you mentioned this as last evening while watching a baseball game my innards gave rumbling gurgle and my dog who was sleeping looked up at me like what the hell was that.

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You know if the dog hears it, it definitely happened I don't know what to do to make my small intestine happy. And there's no warning/feeling when mine is about to speak.

Important question, were you watching the Tigers? I know Cleveland was playing yesterday (my son is still upset they changed their name to the Guardians... I said but look the ending sound and last 5 letters are the same- I tried- didn't work).

Mine isn't so bad, it can fart and a little rumbling but not worth getting a Muffler for it.

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Mine is loud enough to have people in a classroom notice

Then in your case definitely a Muffler. I don't want to be there when their fitting it though.

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I have so many thoughts about this I'm not sure where to start...

1) I live in the suburbs so surrounded by neighbors, and the guy behind my house and I talked a lot over the fence during the first year of Covid
2) I don't know what it would be called in Australia but we call them 'monkey bars' - I could hang upside down from those and not fall as far, but maybe another good concussion could fix my brain/gut connection. I do know which tree branch could hold me because I had a tree guy help hang my kids' swing when he was here cutting down some trees and my husband was the weight test
3) Not sure the benefit of doing the activity naked. Few problems with that part of the idea: neighbors, I have a teenage son and there's always other teenage boys around, I have a daughter and I don't want her to think that's a good idea, and pretty sure I would get CPS called on me for that. 4) Mosquitoes pollen are not my friends

So I think I'll try the trampoline first, but I do have a hammock chair and my son does pull ups on the steel frame. So I could hang from that and just fall into the chair part, provided I get the angle right to avoid breaking my neck. Fully clothed though.

Thanks for thinking &lsquoout of the box' for me. Ideas always appreciated, helpful or not

Good morning, Josie. I completely understand what you are saying. If I were a shy person, I would sometimes secrete myself where no one can hear my gut sounding like a pot of boiling goop. Fortunately, I get a kick out of the weird looks I get from people and dogs alike. :-)

I think your theory about the missing colon helping to deaden these sounds has merit. Maybe it is something eaten that has a higher than usual liquid content which would be taken care of by the colon. But without the colon, it pops through the ileum and has nothing to squeeze out the liquid and accompanying gas. I am sure there is a scientific answer out there somewhere. I have an appointment with my gastro guy in a couple of weeks and will ask him.


I don't notice much difference, only that my stoma is noisier since I had my gallbladder out and had gastritis. But your theories are interesting, especially the small intestine doing more work and being noisier, and I'm still laughing over Axl's response!

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Mine is like a wild animal haha! It howls, literally, and then makes roaring sounds like the sea swishing and swashing haha! You are not alonemine is wild and definitely has a "rare" voice hahaha

Mine is very loud too, and it's not always gas, although that is common because of my diet. I often hear and feel it as output kind of 'swooshes' through me, definitely loud enough for others to hear. My husband is pretty used to it and doesn't even comment anymore!


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I have my 6 mo follow up or something with my colorectal surgeon Monday. I'd like to think I'd remember to ask her that... usually I keep notes on my phone to keep myself on track but I triple booked myself and have to do that appt in the parking lot on my phone ;where my next appt is so I can actually do both. The third thing I have to cancel b/c i couldn't figure out a way to be in 2 cities an hr apart at once.I could write my questions down on a piece of paper, but the problem w/ a piece of paper is I'll lose it while I'm trying to multiple things at once. But my phone I don't lose, eh well, I have to ask someone to call it a lot to see where I left it.

I am part of the University of Colorado Health network, so all my appointments are available via their app. Helps a lot with the medical stuff. I can import into my calendar. My 20th century self would be shocked at how much my 21st century self relies on his phone!

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Hi CCD yes watching the tigers, and for what its worth i think the extra space after colon removal allows for bigger loops of small bowel and all the foods and liquids are shooting around in there making all the noise.

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In the 7 years I lived in MI I think I went to a Tigers game once? I'm a Cubs fan and my son was born in Chicago, but unfortunately his first baseball game was the then Indians and it ruined him for being a Cubs fan '

My small intestine seems to only be loud on the right side. I wonder if it's more crowded on the right b/c there are more organs on that side to share space with?

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Axl's response - it was definitely creative.
My gallbladder is gone too, wonder if that makes a difference?

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Sounds like there's not much left in there. You could rent it out for Wedding Receptions.

I sometimes try to pass it off as though my stomach is growling. But sometimes that doesn't work and then I'll just hold on to my stomach and say excuse me.

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Mine is too, my husband can hear it from across the room, my dog looks at me funny! So afraid it'll be noisy when out in public, people will think I'm passing gas! Especially noisy when I've just changed it out.

Mine is also very loud. It makes all kinds of swishing and gurgling sounds besides gas sounds. It's much worse now that I have a huge peristomal hernia.

Mine has gone off loudly too. If it happens in public and someone turns around to look, I just smile and point to the closest person next to me.

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