Coloplast without barrier ring?

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Hey, anyone who uses pharmacy failed to reorder my supplies so now I have to wait until Monday for delivery. I am completely out of barrier rings but I have a couple of one piece pouches. I'm currently wearing a Convatec one piece that I had received as a sample a long time ago. I hate it, it's peeling off at the edges and my skin is getting itchy. Has anyone used Coloplast base plates without a barrier ring? Feeling miserable and Monday feels like a long way off :(

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I have used the coloplast 2 piece in the past without a barrier ring. As ling as it fits your stoma well it should be fine.


Hi - I have used Coloplast without the Barrier Ring for short (couple of days) periods of time with some success. Just make sure you run your finger around the outside circle of the stoma so you have a good seal. Good luck until Monday! Bryce


I wear coloplast one peice currently and I don't use barrier rings. Cut the wafer like you do with any other appliance, to fit your stoma and warm it up (blow dryer works awesome) ,or you can hold between your hands to warm it ,once it's warm take the paper off the back put it on and me I like to hold itmaking sure it's down every whereand stuck around the stoma and edges and it's nice and warm.

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So far so good!

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Thanks Bryce! So far so good, skin is feeling much better and so far seem to have a good seal :)

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Thank you for the tips! So far so good :)

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Of course ... And Sweet deal I am gladit's going good


I LOVE this web-site! ;Folks are so willing to help. It has made my "ostomy life" much easier - the doctors and ostomy nurses of the world cannot begin to provide the information that is shared on this site! THANKS TO ALL, who participate!

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Hello and that's very true

hope your having a good day today!


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