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ron in mich

Hi all i tried the trio silicone rings that w30bob mentioned before and they didnt work for me, i didnt have leaks under them but they made my skin feel raw and stingy after 2 days.


The gel they have messed my skin up too.. bad .. it burnt my skin.

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Same here, skin wasn't impressed at all.

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Yours too axl?


Yeah Beth,I liked the no eroding of the ring concept and the way the ring tightens up to the stoma, but they sort of burnt my skin after two days and just couldn't continue, shame they sounded ok.

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Thanks for posting this guys!!I received my samples but haven't tried them yet. I had a little bought of candida involving my peristomal skin and am getting that cleared up first. But I'm glad you guys are explaining your experiences with the silicon rings. I will be very cautious when I do try them. Interestingly, I saw a cardiologist last week becasue I had some questions regarding my heart rate while I was hospitalized a few months back for my revision........and he had his techs install a 48 hr heart rate monitor on me. It uses 4 stick-on probes that are now driving my skin crazy and I can't wait to remove them in a few hours. I need to find out what the adhesive for the probes is........cuz my skin REALLY doesn't like it. I'm wondering if it's silicone based. Will find out and let you know. But thanks again for the input.........and keep the comments coming, whether good or bad.



My first ostomy nurse always told me with any new product to try it on the opposite side of stomach first then if you have a reaction at least it wont cause any issues to skin around stoma

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Ben38 I always no matter what test on my opposite side of the stomach . Not on my arm or anything like that.. my skin is very very odd ( I have been allergic to a certain type of tape medipore used in the hospital to tape down gauze. Allergic on my stomach but not on my arms or anywhere else) Lol so when I first tried the silicone gel didn't have a problem then by the third time using it it burnt my skinsome horrible. I didn't feel burning or itching in that way but a chemical skin burn was weird.

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Hi B,

That is weird. I just got a 48hr EKG (ie, Halter monitor) that used 6 electrodes stuck to my chest and sides. After the first day the adhesive sticking the electrodes to my chest started to itch. By the next morning it was insane. I had to pull them at 46 hours or I would have lost my mind. I now have 6 very red and sore squares on me that hurt like hell, and looking online I see it's not uncommon to have an allergic reaction to the adhesive on those electrodes. Normally I'm not allergic to anything (except poison ivy), so it's weird the electrodes bothered me. But you just never know. Won't make that mistake again.


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