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I am 4 weeks post reversal.  For me this surgery was much worse than the Loop Ileostomy.  I don't think this is the norm from what I understand so those anticipating a reversal take this into consideration.  The surgeon said he had to do a lot of work because of adhesions and almost had to open me up so this is why I had more pain.  The pain is gone but now trying to get used to the other issues.  I feel like I was in the dark about what to expect after the surgery.  They mentioned that you will have bouts of incontinence, but your body should adjust in about 3 to 12 months.  I question if my body is adjusting or am I adjusting to my body.  In 27 days I have had 5 days where there were no "accidents" and 1 of those days I had no bowel movement at all.  I can go all day and I think I have made it then I will start with minor or major clustering which usually end up with 1 or more not being able to make it to the bathroom in time.  I started taking Metamucil a week ago which has helped a little bit.  I started with once a day and quickly moved to twice a day and today I am going to three times a day which is the max.  When I have clustering, my stool will start out formed (although very soft) and towards the end it is loose.  I tend to have these bowel movements toward the evening but I had one time that woke me up at 4 am and kept me up for 2 hours.  Because of this I have only been out of the house for doctor appointments and brief trips to the store.  I am trying to figure out how I will be able to handle going back to work.  Can someone tell me does the incontinence stop or do I have to wear " Big Girl Panties" the rest of my life? I still believe the reversal was the right decision. They say everybody is different but I wish I had more info on just what "everybody" had gone through!  Would love to hear some input on this.


Hi! I can send you a message later or respond more here in a few hours. Trying to get my kids not to be bums and going to drag them outside to do some things.  You are only 4 weeks post op so keep giving yourself and your body lots of grace right now. Have you asked about pelvic floor therapy? I cannot stress how helpful pelvic floor therapy is. My pt also did work on my scar areas to try to prevent adhesions. 
The fact that you are doing short trips at 4 weeks post op is really good. 

What type of reversal did you have? 

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I had a loop ileostomy reversal. I had rectal cancer and most of my rectum was removed. Thank you for any guidance/ input you can give me.

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Following rectal surgery there is the "low anterior syndrome" which gives you pressure, frequent small stools for 6-8 weeks usually.  It is usually a miserable period of time.  The rectum has lost its capacity and is irritable with resumption of stool passing.  Radiation can intensify symptoms.  Metamucil commonly helps but too much can also have different problems.    

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