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I was emptying my bag and I noticed on my stoma at the top part, but it's at the base where it comes out of my abdomen, 3 dark red lines. Almost like the whole that I cut out in my 2 piece was too tight and these kindof look like blood vessels. The exit whole is at the bottom of my stoma however this it at the top but down at the bottom near my skin. ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS IS OR WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT? Its 3 dark red lines at the bottom of my stoma. I've had my illeostomy for 3 yrs with zero problems. I'm gonna contact my old nurse to see if she can explain. I came here because people here always help me and help me not worry about stuff. 


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Hi there is there anyway you can post a picture so we can get a more accurate of what it looks like?

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See the photo. Touch it and zoom in. I really worried and scared....anyone that can help me I would be forever indebted to you....


I ADDED THIS PHOTO. ANYONE SEE THE 3 DARK LINES AT THE BOTTOM? ANYONE KNOW  WHAT THIS IS? I'm very scared.....you can see the lines if you click on the photo and zoom in.....



It's hard for me to see details in your photo. 

I have a colostomy and use a 2 piece Hollister system.  I noticed there is a dark red ring at the base of my stoma when I changed the wafer yesterday.  The red ring is caused by the wafer "cut to fit" hole pressing against my skin at the stoma base.  I use a Nu-Hope hernia support belt and this pushes my stoma down, putting pressure on the wafer.  So I have stopped using this belt and switched to a thin Hollister belt that does not put so much pressure on the stoma.  

All Ostomy supply companies have stoma nurses you can call for support.  Talking with them could help you determine if your red lines are troublesome or not.  

Let us know what you find out.



Looks like veins...the stoma moves up and down and gets smaller and larger..maybe your appliance was on a bit tight could have made them more pronounced. Is your stoma still active? Are you in pain? The dangerous sign with a stoma is when it turn black and is no longer active.


Hello jalrein.

Thank you for your post and for the photos which make it a bit clearer as to what you are referring to. 
Once or twice I have had my stoma suddenly expand and touch the wafer's edge. The last time this  happened the wafer cut into the stoma and made it bleed profusely. Once it healed up I was left with similar darker red lines. I put this down to the way the stoma heals itself after injury. So, from my perspective, there is nothing much to worry about.
However, as with anything stoma related, if you are concerned about it, then a visit to the stoma nurse would be a wise course of action. I always think that stoma nurses are a useful bank of knowledge and information, so the more people that go and show them things, the more experienced they become to pass on their knowledge to others in the future.
 In my case, on this occasion, the stoma nurse did not seem too concerned about what looked like someone had slit my stoma's throat with a razor She reassured me that, given time and TLC, my stoma would heal and not become a problem. This is precisely how it has turned out - apart from the residue of a thin red line, which presumably is the equivalent of a scar on normal skin.

Interestingly, these lines on my stoma have all been underneath where I cannot see them without a mirror . Hence, they don't get examined very often and I tend to forget about them. I am not sure how I would feel if they were constantly in view on the top of the stoma where they would regularly remind me that things were not quite as I expected.
Best wishes

Best wishes


Hi, I don't have a medical answer for you but if your stoma is behaving normally, try not to worry. Contact an ostomy nurse for reassurance. Like Dan said, contact your supply company to speak to one. Let us know.

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Thank you! My stoma is behaving normal and is normal color. I'm not in any pain either. I'm still gonna contact a nurse....but I REALLY appreciate your help...

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Thank you Bill. For the past 3 yrs you are ALWAYS a wealth of information. You are ALWAYS right. My stoma is it's normal color. It's behaving normally. I'm gonna contact my stoma nurse but every time I have an issue and I contact a nurse, she tells me exactly what you've told me. SO THANK YOU BILL!!!

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Thank you M. I'm in zero pain, my stoma is acting normally and it's it's normal color. I'll check with my nurse but between everyone giving me advice I'm extremely relieved!!!

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Thank you Dan!. I'm gonna check with my stoma nurse but between you and everyone else ice gotten great, helpful responses and I'm so relieved....


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