Pending Ileostomy reversal

Hey all, so long story short, had LAR on May 2nd, currently am 12 days away from my temp loop ileostomy reversal surgery. I will have had it just about 5 months. I'm looking forward to returning to normalish life, being NED since my LAR.
Any men in this group, please look up "Man Up To Cancer", it's a Facebook support group for men fighting cancer, or survivors of cancer. Once a year they do a wonderful retreat, which I had the pleasure of attending this year.
I couldn't have gotten through my fight without these people. Literally 2200+ men(Wolves) fighting with you through every treatment, scan or scope!!

Hope all goes well.  I'm a very long term stage 4 cancer survivor, over 40 years.  Never give up.

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Have you connected with this group? Man up to Cancer: the howling place. I think you would like it. Please look into it if you have not already. They helped me through everything! 

Mysterious Mose

I wish you good fortune. I am 22 days from an ileostomy reversal myself. No LAR though. Just no colon. :-)


Best of luck and prayers for you! Keep us posted and stay strong friend.

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