1 week post ileostomy reversal

Well gang, I am now 1 week post ileostomy reversal. The struggle is real sometimes. The learning curve on how to poop again is a big one. I didn't think it would be that difficult for my colon to remember, but it is lol it's getting better. The first day I started to poop( about 4 days after) it was 18x that day! And the consistency of chocolate pudding. It's better at this point, more solid, less frequent, and urgency is not as high as previous days. The worst of it, it the pain from the surgical site, it IS a hole in my abdomen. I get that it'll take a few weeks before that pain will stop. But I'm glad that my bowl movements are regulating.

I am happy to hear it.. and yes the old ostomy hole  it will heal 

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Mysterious Mose

Glad to hear you are progressing well. How much colon do you have left?



Time heals everything. 


Oh that's awesome! I'm happy you're progressing along. I guess it's the one day at a time thing...seems to be our motto here. I hope you continue to improve quickly. Keep us posted please.

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As you continue to recover from surgery, sending you positive thoughts and prayers!! Hope each day gets better than the previous day.


Good for you 👍

Reply to Mysterious Mose

I only lost 6cm of lower colon. And around 20% of my rectum was taken. 


I'm about 9 months in my reversal and still no solid poops.. still better than the ostomy.. lol 

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