Emptying an Ileostomy Bag with Limited Use of Dominant Hand

Nov 06, 2023 2:49 pm

I'm curious if anyone with an ileostomy has ever had to empty their bag using only their non-dominant hand?

My husband has limited use of his right hand, and we've been wondering how he could do it in an emergency.


Nov 06, 2023 3:26 pm

Yes, when I had surgery on my right hand, I had to change and empty the bag with my left hand, and I have very little feeling in it from having a stroke. It wasn't that difficult really once I got my head around it. I use a Velcro closure system and even managed to roll that back up with one hand reasonably easily. The only problem was that I couldn't clean the opening of the bag very well, so I just had to make do. It's worth your husband practicing using one hand; then, if it ever comes to it, he will have the experience to manage.

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Nov 06, 2023 4:57 pm
Reply to Ben38

Thanks. That was my thought too, just good to hear someone had to do it and succeeded.

Nov 06, 2023 6:01 pm

It would take some adjusting, but people can adjust and do anything.

Nov 07, 2023 11:52 pm

I have learned to use either hand in doing things. It was not natural for me. It took practice and concentration on the task until it went smoothly.

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