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My question is concerning about smell. Sometimes I can smell what is like poop smell. And I feel as though everyone else can smell it also and if they do they are polite and don’t say anything. Is there something that I can use other than the deodorant that I have? Thank you for your response.

Mysterious Mose

What you are smelling are most probably phantom odors. Being an ileostomate with sinus issues, it is something all too familiar. Phantom odors have plagued me all my adult life. Having an ostomy that is opened directly under the nose only make it worse. But, there are solutions. The ostomy deodorant/lubricant from Brava and Adapt both work well. As do the M9 deodorants. If you have insurance issues, Tic Tacs can also help as the deodorants are $17-$18 a bottle. Having an ileostomy, one can go through the deodorants is a rush. I alternate between Tic Tacs and the deodorants. That way, I only use one bottle a week. :-)


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Buy a cheap can of body spray and squirt a little on your bag to cover any slight odors you might think you have. 

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This tic tac you speak of, is it like the mint tic tac or something entirely different? 


Have a close friend or family member do a sniff check...and make sure you change your bag before it smells. Some people get 1 or 2 days of wear (me) others 3 to 5 days.

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If you bag has a filter put a  stick on closure over it


My experience is there is only a smell if it is leaking but in the early weeks I thought I could smell something but it was only my imagination.

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So it’s not leaking I checked for that. My spouse says it’s all in my head and that my imagination is running wild. But I tell him that your nose isn’t right above it. So maybe it is just me thinking I smell. Who knows anymore.

Mysterious Mose
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Just the regular mint Tic Tac. If you drop a couple in your bag after emptying, it does help with the odor when you open the bag. IMO, the biggest reason for "phantom" odors is that we all open our bag right under our noses. Smells get trapped in our sinuses and we think everyone else can smell it as well. They can't. But, that doesn't stop the paranoia. Even when you know they are not odors external to your own nose. Before I started using odor control stuff, I was constantly asking my wife if she was sure I did not smell. To the point where she would get frustrated with the constant question. And my bathroom always smelled, as I empty my bag 7-8 times a day or more. That is no longer a problem and my mind is a calmer place.

One other thing. Go light on onions. Their odor is difficult to mask. 😃



I received my ostomy when I was a young woman..I moved back home to live with my Mom and Dad because I was pretty sick . Me and my mom went shopping ..and my bag started to inflate..this was my first time out in public with my new colostomy.  I thought for sure everyone could smell my bag..I asked my Mom several times..she kept saying smell. Its hard in the beginning..but those little bags really do their job! Once you get that right set up stay strong 💪 


I tried tic tac mints.  they didn't work I switched to the Altoid mint and specifically the spearmint I would crush that up before I crush it up I tried using the tablet form pop two in there it didn't really dissolve I ended up having to put almost three or four to really get rid of the odor it really stinks when you open up that bag to drain it so my advice would be if the Tic Tacs don't work try a stronger mint and it's definitely cheaper than anything I believe that's out there


I think everybody with an ostomy has probably experienced it. I think you sense of smell is heightened for your type of ostomy. Everybody is afraid of having leaks. It might be a leak or phantom smell. 


M9 is the only thing I’ve found for deodorant that mostly works all the time. It doesn’t cover up red wine smells though. The lubricating deodorants just mask the smell. I find poo-pourri helps the air in the bathroom too but some scents make it worse. Try heavenly scent or citrus. 

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Yes, the poo pourri stuff is good for the bathroom. It’s kinda pricey but you only need 1-2 squirts to cover any foul smell. The M9 spray is also very good for covering out of bag odors. 

Mysterious Mose

I forgot to mention that, in addition to TicTacs and lubricating deodorant, I also take a 60mg tablet of chlorophyll every day. I am perfectly aware that there is at least one study that purports to show chlorophyll has no real effect. But, what I am doing works for me. So be it. :-)



one month old post here.

upon giving much thought to " that smell". i believe it is actually a transfer type of thing.

( thank you CSI ).

its a rub off or scent attachment.

like a smoker"s coat or jacket.

so that smell does exist whether u accept it or not.  get under yur bed sheet covers. make a wave with them.. a tell tale sign..

just saying. no disrespect. a transfer. those damn cells.

smell happens.  it can be dealt with as suggested from others.


My wife says that she can smell it. I have assured her that I cannot and have had a good sniffing right at her, but I’ve never smelt anything even once in 6 months and if I did, I would absolutely tell her as I’d want someone to tell me. Her bag is secure, very rarely leaks but there must be some odours escape that are maybe wafted up under your clothes, but only you are aware of it because you are probably hyper sensitive to it. 

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