Gurgling in stomach


Today, my stomach has been gurgling and making noises it seems all day. Before my colostomy, I didn't think twice about it. But with the bag, I've been nervous all day. 

My output is not all liquid, I'm not sure how to explain it but there is soft stool and liquid together.  

I had eggs for breakfast, and wonder if that is why. I've been eating eggs since I came home from the hospital but maybe too much?

I did have turkey, mashed potatoes, some dressing,  and a small serving of green beans today.  I'm still learning what to eat, and when.

I wish I were like so many on here, who have adjusted so wonderfully. I know it's still early for me just 5 weeks post op, but today is one of those days where my anxiety takes over. 

Any thoughts or insights appreciated.  Am I overreacting? It's okay if you say yes! 






You’ve got this.  You’re very new at this new journey.    Green beans - chew chew chew.   Relax and don’t overthink every sound and color.  Now enjoy 

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Thank you. I will say, I definitely chew my food. I will stop myself from counting bites in my head.  I know that probably sounds silly. 😄


I had lots of stomach gurgling in the first 3 months post op.  I was concerned, but it didn't cause any trouble.  Your system is still healing and adjusting.  I would avoid green beans for a couple more months.  Eggs are OK.  I usually eat them hard boiled, scrambled, or omelet.  My output varies too.  Rarely liquid, mostly toothpaste consistency.  I don't really monitor my food intake.  Here's what I rarely eat:

Nuts.  I do munch cashews and peanuts once a month.  But chew, chew, chew them.     

 Candy.  I enjoy M&M's, Gummy bears, Payday candy bar.  I eat 1 of the above once a month.   

Refried beans.  I indulge once a month.  Luv them... pay the price later when my bag resembles a blimp.       

Fruits.  I cut apples into slices, eat it while avoiding the skin.  Eat other fruits like plums, peaches same way.

Most other food is OK.  Hamburgers, tacos, pasta, steak, shrimp, lobster, ham, turkey, cheese, pizza, fish: To name a few.       

I don't eat hotdogs, anything spicy, raw vegetables, corn, most salads.

I have eaten a small amount of well chewed popcorn at the movies with no problem.

I don't drink sodas, energy drinks, lemonade, or anything with pulp.   When I go out to dinner, I drink water or unsweetened ice tea.

If in doubt... eat a little.. see what happens.

For me, it's mostly pancaking messing up my bag when I eat fun stuff.  Salads give me liquid output.... pretty quickly.

I drink an Ensure Enlive bottle every morning and eat some Greek Yougurt.  Then take a probiotic capsule.  Later I eat a protein bar.  I sip a Gatorade FIT electrolyte beverage until lunch.  And this is good till I get home for dinner.

Take care

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Thank you! Appreciate all the information, so very helpful!

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

Also I avoid all fried foods.

Morning glory

Try not to worry too much. You're  probably  overthink every  noise. You will get pass this. I am glad that you are aware of how important  chewing is.  It sounds like you ate a good meal. You need to try what you want in small amounts.  Hopefully  you will be one of the lucky ones and will be able to eat what you want.


Takes time to learn to live and adjust to stoma life it's perfectly normal how your feeling so don't be hard on yourself.

It might not even be anything to do with what you've eaten could be just from feeling nervous or as I call them off days sometimes are output changes for no apparent reason from food we've eat many times before without any problems.

Sit down put your feet up and watch a movie. 

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Thank you. Yes, I tend to be an overthinker in general,  so I am really going to have to learn how to stop obsessing.  



I’m just over a year out from my last surgery and my son and I were laughing so hard at how loud my small intestine was being tonight.  Some of the T-giving foods are rich/heavier in fat content may be causing things to act up a bit. There’s so many ingredients in dressing/stuffing it could be something small like that. But if you’re feeling ok otherwise… I remember I cried in the hospital the first time I saw green beans come out in my clear hospital ostomy bag. Now I think my reaction is funny because it was just green beans, but at the time it was not just green beans to me 😆


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Thank you! Yes, they are just green beans🤣

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Thank you. I definitely think part of my problem today is my nerves. I woke up feeling off and haven't been able to shake it all day.

But as you said, time to kick back and watch some TV. 

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When my surgeon came to visit me early one morning she asked how I was and it was the morning after the green beans… and I looked at her and said… have you ever watched green beans come out of a stoma? I was really not happy about that 🤣


You threw new food into your system, the Thanksgiving stuff, it will not sound normal til it gets out of your system and you’re back to your normal eating routine. Mine has been complaining all morning. 🤭


Definitely better today!


JUST BREATHE - it’ll all come out eventually- from one nervous Nellie to another - it will get easier and you will become “Smarticus” with ostomy knowledge if you continue to check in to this wonderful world of ostomates.  Best wishes and hugs…..jb


Thank you! Yes, a lot to learn. I'm so grateful to have found this site filled with wonderful and kind people. Like you.😊

Mysterious Mose

What's left of my digestive system gurgles all the time. I've never been concerned enough about to try to figure out what food or misstep in chewing caused it, as I have never had any issues because of it. True, it does get a bit noisy at times. Fortunately, I don't embarrass easily! :-))



I guessing it's because I'm still hyper about sounds and movement. Sounds mean it's moving and working, so that's a good thing.

After all I've been through,  I won't be Embarrassed.  It's a part of me now.  Just reading your posts, I kinda figured you would not Embarrass easily🤣

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