219 days on Carnivore update


1st of all Happy New Year everyone. My wish for all of you is health, love and abundance in all good things. Thank you for the laughs, the advice, the conversation and the cautionary tales. You are a great group of people.

Day 219 on carnivore. I weighed 154lbs this morning on the eve of my 60th birthday. 

This makes it a 40lb weight loss since June 1st when I started carnivore. Last year on this day I weighed in the high 180's, was sad and sick of being sick. I was facing lung surgery in March and still adjusting to becoming an ostomate. Things were bleak.

I was still trying to find food that didnt hurt me and suffering from severe arthritis, inflamation, rashes, allergies and painful digestion. I never found relief until starting the carnivore elimination diet 2 years to the day after becoming a permanent ostomate.

I am well into my BMI range and feeling great. Im eating a ridiculously huge blade steak right now. Cooked low and slow and is probably 2.5 lbs? I will cover it with butter, salt, garlic powder and dig in as soon as I post this.

Its been a stressful holiday seaon and I for one am ready for a fresh new start in 2024.

If you are struggling with brain fog, menopause, weight, lack of energy, digetion, allergies, rashes, bleeding gums, gum disease, arthritis, inflamation or acne. There is hope.

All of these things improve immensely when you eat eggs, meat and fat. Cold fat not liquid or your output will be liquid. I eat the best of what is available to me and the best I can afford.

Im so happy with my progress but the ct scan and bloodwork in March will tell the real story. So wish me luck. 

I have a biopsy in 2 weeks on my pancreas so am staying healthy by staying home on New Years eve with my pregnant daughter, son in law and my dog Buddy. 

Best wishes everyone.



Morning glory

Hi Terri, Happy  New Year to you. Prayers  that your test will be good. Thank you for the update. I am so happy that you're  feeling better and your positive  outlook makes me happy. Keep on updating  us.

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Hello Terri

What a great way to start the year, congratulations to you girl 👍


All good and good for you!  Thanks for the positive update - wishing you continued success in the new year - jb


G-Day Terri,  First Happy Birthday and Happy New Year. You are an absolute winner Terri and you deserve all that comes your way. Good luck with all the tests. Regards IGGIE

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Reply to Morning glory

Thanks morning glory, have wonderful New Years eve! 

Reply to Axl

Thank you. I feel so good I totally forget Im even an ostomate. I have very little anxiety about it anymore and feel freed from fear regarding it. Thats amazing on its own. It is a very good start for 2024!  Have a great evening! 

Reply to Justbreathe

Thanks JB. Happy New Year!

I feel the compelled to share about carnivore in case it helps someone who is at the end of their rope or feeling hopeless. . Too bad I hadnt heard about it in 2017 but I know now and am grateful. Have a great evening! 


Reply to IGGIE

Thanks Iggie,

Im counting on the lottery coming my way lol

Best of luck to you in 2024!



Congratulations and good luck. Glad things are working out for you!

ron in mich

Hi Terri good luck on upcoming tests and Happy Birthday.

Morning glory

I hope you have a great Birthday  Terri.


Definitely interested in the diet.

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